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JBBATTERY is different from all other lithium ion battery companies due to the reliability and performance of our cells. We specialize in selling high quality lithium batteries for golf cart,forklift truck,boats, RVs, solar panel banks, specialty electric vehicles, and more. So far we have distributed over 15,000 batteries worldwide.

Not only does JBBATTERY have one of the largest inventories of LiFEPO4 batteries in the world, we also have the ability to build custom batteries for virtually any application. An example is our custom 24v,36v and 48V batteries built specifically for trolling motors. Never before have boaters been able to travel further on a trolling motor battery.

This is what JBBATTERY specializes in, finding practical solutions to challenging power situations. Lithium Battery Power’s ultimate goal is to meet the demand of efficient reliable power for future generations to come. Please don’t hesitate to contact JBBATTERY directly with any questions on using lithium batteries as your primary power source.
Why Lithium Battery
  • Replace your outdated lead acid, gel and AGM batteries with a battery from Lithium Battery Power, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries.

    JBBATTERY's lithium-ion batteries are compatible with any application that's powered by lead acid, gel or AGM batteries. The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) installed in our lithium batteries is programmed to ensure our cells can withstand high levels of abuse without battery failure. The BMS is engineered to maximize the performance of the battery by balancing the cells automatically, preventing any over-charging or over-discharging. 

    JBBATTERY batteries can be operated for starting or deep cycle applications and perform well in both series and parallel connections. Any application that demands high quality, dependable and lightweight lithium batteries can be supported by our batteries and their integrated BMS.

    JBBATTERY lithium batteries are the perfect go-to for power-hungry applications. Specifically designed to perform in high-intensity, multi-shift warehouse applications, lithium batteries offer significant advantages over dated lead acid technology. JBBATTERY batteries charge faster, work harder, last longer, and they’re virtually maintenance-free.

    What could that mean for your business? Fewer replacements, lower labor costs and less downtime.

Cleaning machines
Cranes and lifts
Accessory drives
Industrial drones

Sports cars
Passenger cars
Motor bikes
Utility vehicles

Passenger boats
Light EV
Golf cars
Park and garden
  • Battery Management System
    Focus on communication BMS design and develop, like UART,CAN BUS, SMBUS, LIN BUS. Over 15 years Li ion BMS design Technical director leading our technical department. Our BMS is designed to be a long-term solution for our customers with the highest level of safety in mind. Functionally safe; Fast and efficient balancing; Shortened charging time; Improved range per charge; Maximum battery life.
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About us
JBBATTERY has over 10 years experiences in designing and manufacturing lithium battery, also is become one of the best Lithium ion Battery Manufacturer in China. We also design and develop BMS communication protocol like 232,485 and CAN BUS ect. All our lithium batteries are equipped with Deep Sleep Function now.
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