48V 200AH Lithium Ion VS Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries Packs - Which Is More Dangerous?

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48V 200AH Lithium Ion VS Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries Packs - Which Is More Dangerous?

The dangers of associated with using any form or type of rechargeable batteries has always been a front burner topic. As was the case, rechargeable batteries like lead-acid had their serious flaws when you look at them from various perspectives. It was only a matter of time before it became a general consensus that lead-acid golf cart batteries were not without some serious dangers. 

This article however, will be doing justice to this subject by giving you some additional insights as to why 200AH Lithium Ion has emerged as a befitting option for our today needs. 

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The possibility of posing any dangers

For us to truly understand which of these two battery types poses any dangers, we might need to take an in-depth look at the primary materials in both of them. The chief material in lead-acid batteries is the lead, whereas for lithium ion batteries it is lithium. So we need to examine both elements from a specific standpoint to understand their implications. Lead is a highly questionable element despite all the benefits that come with it. If you are using lead to do anything you have to be prepared to take the necessary precautions. Lead on its own has sent many people to health situation they never dreamt of. It is deadly and lead acid batteries are not an exemption to this deadly combination.

Lithium as an element is on a different scale here. It is an element that has stability features that make it more suitable than lead-acid batteries. Plus, if you are opting for lithium ion batteries, you do not have to be as worried as you would be for lead-acid batteries. 

Environmental harm

In an era where the talk of a greener and cleaner environment has become a global conversation, there is no better time for you to pay keen attention to the kind of battery you are using for your golf carts. The ongoing trend is that users now prefer cleaner energy sources to other alternatives. 

Without even trying to abide by government rules and regulations, it is obvious that the days of lead-acid batteries are fast fading away. If you are still in the category of those using such batteries, you are not doing yourself any good. 

You cannot just go to the market and buy whatever comes to your mind. Let alone buying a lead acid battery. It has been regarded as very dangerous to the environment. When you use them and dump them, the surroundings will be badly affected. It is safe to use lithium ion considering that they have zero negative effects on the environment. Supposedly, the 200AH Lithium Ion golf cart batteries are a better option compared to their lead-acid counterpart. 

More reliable

A lot of people who are not familiar with battery subjects quickly mistake lead acid batteries for lithium ion batteries in specific components. I went to a forum not long ago where people were presented their various views on the subject of solar power. I had read through all the inputs and they were making a lot of sense until I came across someone who was asking why rechargeable batteries did not last more than a year in such setups. That was an error in judgment. 

Not all rechargeable batteries seem to be packing up within a short time in solar panels and golf carts. It is the lead-acid batteries that get bad only after a period of using them. Lithium ion batteries have worked perfectly well in such systems.  A classic example is what we are looking at today. The 200AH Lithium Ion golf cart batteries are not to be compared with the infamous lead acid batteries. They are light years apart from one another.


Compatibility can be a pain in the ass when you are trying to switch battery models from one type to another. The ease with which you can use your battery with a golf cart is something someone needs to consider before settling for any brand. Lead-acid batteries are bound to present some kind of difficulties when you are trying to use them with certain things. 

Lithium ion batteries on the other hand, do not present challenges of that sort. They are bound to fit nicely into any cart that can use a rechargeable battery. Their lightweight feature puts them on top of the list. You can even serially combine them together for higher power production.

If you ever try to do that for lead-acid batteries, you might need to deal with the cumbersome weight that will result. That is because the resulting output will create a problem for the golf cart. All 200AH Lithium Ion golf cart batteries like every other lithium ion battery has zero compatibility issues anywhere you intend to use them. 

Cheap is not always the best

It makes a lot of sense to cut down prices when you are doing anything. But it is not always the best to trade certain things for money. For instance, lead-acid batteries may be less expensive but that does not make them a preferable option. Before you choose lead acid batteries, first consider the environmental disadvantages that come with it. After a proper analysis, you would notice that it is not worth the effort and money. Avoid being penny wise and pounds foolish by spending your money on 200AH Lithium Ion golf cart batteries. 

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The word dangerous is more conversant with lead acid batteries than it is with 200AH Lithium Ion golf cart batteries. There are a couple of negative things that are bound to happen when you decide to use lead-acid batteries. Thankfully, this article has done well in opening your eyes to some of those things. From bad impact on the environment to how they are more likely to pack up after a period of time, we have touched on the various advantages you stand to gain when you are using lithium ion batteries to power your golf carts.

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