48v 60ah Lithium Ion And LiFePO4 Battery For Golf Cart - Which Is More Dangerous?

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48v 60ah Lithium Ion And LiFePO4 Battery For Golf Cart - Which Is More Dangerous?

The debate about 48v 60ah LiFePO4 and li-ion golf batteries does not seem to have any limit at the moment. For instance, people have been quick to find out which one is more reliable. Of course both are great options as they are efficient, durable and safe to make use of. However, most users have claimed that LiFePO4 batteries are a much better option when it comes optimum performance. For instance, they have been built solidly therefore, can last for longer periods. 

Although it has been proven that LiFePO4 batteries are more efficient in terms of performance as compared to lithium ion batteries, the issue of which one is dangerous still appears to be confusing. This is a very important subject matter since it can help you to make the right decision about which battery to use in your golf cart. 

Are you confused about which battery is more dangerous between LiFePO4 and Lithium ion? There is no need to be bothered again as this post will be revealing the truth about such subject matter. At the end, you should be able to know whether lithium ion batteries are more dangerous when compared to LiFePO4 batteries. Just ensure to read the details below from beginning to the end. 

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Here is the untold truth

Studies have shown that lithium ion batteries are more dangerous than LiFePO4 batteries used in golf carts. They are usually considered as hazardous materials in some countries when being transported from one place to another. This does not mean that LiFePO4 batteries are perfect as there are situations when they can become very dangerous. For instance, it has been recommended that batteries are kept in places that are not too hot. Lithium batteries can easily explode when kept in such places. 

Talking about explosion, the two batteries do not have the same level of vulnerability. For instance, lithium ion batteries are considered to be more vulnerable or prone to explosion as compared to LiFePO4 batteries. The latter has been built with components that are very compact, therefore offers higher level of safety to users. A proof of this fact is that there is lesser chance of short circuiting occurring as compared to 48v 60ah lithium ion batteries in golf carts.  

However, please note that no matter what, both batteries should not be kept close to fire since such can prove to be very dangerous. The problem of short circuiting is majorly responsible for most batteries not lasting long before getting replaced by golf cart owners. The major challenge is that most golf cart owners do not seem to give it serious attention. 

Key points to take note of 

• Although both types of golf cart batteries are dangerous, Lithium ion batteries are more dangerous.

• Both batteries should not be kept in places with temperature above 130°F. This can damage their components far more than you can imagine. 

• Short circuiting in a battery can bring about fire outbreak or explosion

Health concerns of lithium ion batteries

Do you know that lithium ion batteries have been discovered to have some health concerns? As a matter of fact, this is why you need to ensure yours is being used according to instructions from its manufacturer. For instance, studies have shown that lithium batteries can make you prone to cancer. This is due to the some of the components which have been used in their production like, nickel, and cobalt lithium nickel oxide. These are some of the primary factors that can cause such an abnormal condition. 

Another major health challenge it can cause because of such component is birth defect. There are also other dangers related to reproduction. Also, when they burn, users are likely to suffer from liver cancer, brain cancer and many other abnormal problems. It is true that allowing these batteries to explode can lead to fire outbreak. However, there is a bigger problem especially when you start inhaling the smoke from such fire. It makes your system vulnerable to all of the above abnormal conditions. 

Again, note that 48v 60ah LiFePO4 batteries are not totally safe either. This is because depending on the manufacturer, they can prove dangerous to human health and life. 

Key points you should note

• Some of the components of a lithium ion battery can cause cancer

• LiFePO4 batteries can also be dangerous and cause health concerns especially when they have been produced with dangerous components

• Avoid inhaling the smoke from burnt lithium ion and LiFePO4 batteries

Battery safety tips 

It does not really matter whether you are using a 48v 60ah lithium ion or LiFePO4 battery in your golf cart. The truth is that something can always go wrong. In other words, both battery options are dangerous to make use of sometimes. Below are some tips that can help you to use them without any danger. 

Use quality batteries. It is true that LiFePO4 batteries just as explained above, are very reliable and durable. However, do not forget that there are some fraudulent and desperate manufacturers out there. This is why you have to carry out a diligent research before purchasing any battery. For instance, there are manufacturers that may decide to make use of low quality or dangerous materials in producing such batteries. These could make the health of you and your loved ones prone to some dangers. You have the chance of avoiding such today through buying lithium ion or LiFePO4 batteries which have been made with quality materials. 

How to find original manufacturers 

• Avoid brand names since some are fake 

• Look for reviews of real users who must have used such batteries before

• Ask how the battery has been manufactured. That is to find out the components it has been made with. This is very important and should be followed whether you are purchasing a LiFePO4 or li-ion battery. 

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There is no doubting the fact that you have discovered a lot about the dangers of using 48v 60ah lithium ion batteries and LiFePO4 batteries. It is all about following some instructions since both are dangerous. These will ensure you are safe while using any of them.

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