5 Factors Help To Choose The Right Lifepo4 Forklift Battery

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5 Factors Help To Choose The Right Lifepo4 Forklift Battery  

For manufacturing units that rely on forklifts to do all the heavy lifting, you simply cannot settle for a substandard battery. 

After all, it is the difference between a good battery and a great one that determines how streamlined, reliable and safe the operations at your facility are. 

Shopping for a forklift battery starts with understanding what to look for. In this article, we go over the forklift battery specifications that you must consider before you put your money down. 

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Battery Type 

The first important decision you need to make is the choice of battery technology. 

Lithium-ion and lead acids are the two standard options available for commercial forklift batteries. 

Lead acid batteries are a time-tested power option for forklifts. They have a good energy density and require regular refilling to keep them functioning well. 

Lithium-ion chemistries were introduced to improve upon some of the features of a lead acid battery. They pack high energy densities and better thermal stability in compact, lightweight designs. The cells are sealed and do not require watering. 

Compare Brands 

Many would claim that a big brand name does not always translate to a superior quality product. While that is partly true, we always recommend working with a well-reviewed battery brand and manufacturer. 

The leading brands are usually the ones known for their strict quality control, rigorous testing, product reliability and excellent after-sales services. You can buy a forklift battery from a local battery manufacturer or one based abroad. For instance, JB Battery is a well-known China custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturer

Pricing may vary based on the battery manufacturer you settle for. It is sensible to pay a little more for added product features and safety. 


Forklift batteries are available in different voltages, the most common ones being 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt battery packs. 

The correct voltage option depends on the type of material handling equipment in your fleet. Smaller forklifts handling lighter weights can do with a 24v battery while larger equipment would need a more powerful forklift battery such as a 48v pack. The wrong voltage option can damage the battery and affect performance.  

Along with voltage, you will need to check the weight of the battery as it acts as the counterweight in forklift batteries. 

Product Warranty 

No machine, motor or battery is foolproof. You have to work with the assumption that there could be a possibility of a malfunction. 

A good product warranty can cover you for these expenses. Read the terms of the warranty carefully to understand the kind of repairs that are covered. 

Speaking of after-sales services, as a buyer, you also need to check if the repairs will be completed at a local facility or it would be shipped elsewhere. After all, a non-functional or faulty battery translates to a non-operational forklift. 

Charging System Compatibility 

When replacing a forklift battery, we often plan to use it with the existing charging station. However, that might not always be possible. You might opt for the same voltage, but because it is from a different brand, the charger might not be compatible. Besides, the same charging stations cannot be converted or used across chemistries. Therefore, it requires reading the charger and battery specifications carefully. 

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There are other charging requirements too for lead acids and lithium ion batteries. For instance, a lithium ion forklift battery can be plugged with the battery still inside the vehicle. However, for a lead acid, it must be removed from the forklift. As they heat up during a charge, they also need good ventilation to help them cool. 

Whether you are making the switch from lead acid to lithium ion forklift batteries, or simply replacing an underperforming forklift battery, head to JB Battery. Compare your choices there and make your pick. 

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