5 Important Facts About Cusom Made Lithium-Ion Battery Pack For Floor Cleaning Machines

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5 Important Facts About Cusom Made Lithium-Ion Battery Pack For Floor Cleaning Machines

Lithium-ion batteries have no doubt phased out other less efficient battery systems you can think of. Interestingly, these batteries have been making their way majestically into the floor cleaning machine market. Lithium-ion batteries are surely in a class of their own. They cannot be compared with most other battery types. As such, this article will be telling you why lithium ion battery for Floor Cleaning Machines has suddenly become a top choice for many customers. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why many people have considered them to be the best.

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More Durability

This is probably one of the biggest selling points of lithium ion-based batteries. It is bad enough that one needs to dole out a crazy amount of money to pay for a rechargeable battery of some sort. But, what is worse of is that you may have to replace that battery sooner than you can imagine. Such a solution would not be cost-effective.

Lithium-ion batteries ensures more cycles when compared to their lead counterparts. The truth be said, lithium-ion batteries are like a blessing to our generation. This attribute is what makes them a great pick for floor cleaning machines. So, if you are aiming to buy a battery for your floor cleaning machine that will last the test of time, Lithium batteries should ring a bell.

Higher Productivity

It is not enough to slid a battery into your floor cleaning machine. Rather, you want to make sure the battery has what it takes to deliver on the purpose it was bought. This is where the battery range or runtime becomes necessary.

Unlike lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries ensure a longer runtime. Lead acid batteries do have a shorter runtime. The reason for this is believed to have something to do with Lithium ion battery’s ability to deliver maximum voltage notwithstanding the discharge rate.

This has been a serious challenge for lead acid batteries. They find it difficult to live up to expectations whenever they are used for real-world applications. As for lithium ion, what you see is what you get. If you are told the battery can deliver 200Ah, then that is exactly what you will get.

Capacity degradation is another challenge that has made lead batteries unreliable and untrustworthy. The rate at which lead batteries decline in their performance is worrisome and disappointing. While they may deliver 80% of their maximum capacity for the first few hundred cycles, you can expect it to quickly get worse in the next hundred cycles.

But, for lithium ion batteries, the capacity degradation is minimal and slow. It’s almost negligible if I’m to put it simply. That means you can use the battery over a long period of time and not expect the delivery to suddenly decline like those unreliable batteries.

More Power

The only way to ensure your floor cleaning machine is working optimally is by ensuring it is supplied with the maximum power needed. This will be a bit difficult to achieve when you are using lead acid batteries. That’s because that is one of their biggest shortcomings. They are designed to only supply maximum power for a limited amount of time. After which, the power will start dropping considerably.

Mind you, that has nothing to do with the way you are using the floor cleaning machine. The more you use it, the more the battery voltage will continue to drop. It will eventually drop to an extent where the battery can only manage an annoyingly short period of maximum power.

If you are using a lithium ion battery in your floor cleaning machine, you can expect it to have maximum power at all times because it doesn’t run down like that when the cleaner is functioning. That way, your machine will be at its best whenever you are using it.

Zero Maintenance

Lots of people actually buy lead acid batteries without knowing that they need to be maintained. The sealed ones cannot be maintained, though. Maintenance can present a real challenge for anyone who does not have the time for that.

Lithium ion batteries are a beauty given that they do not require any form of maintenance. You don’t need to do anything special to ensure they remain in their functional state. Just slot them in the floor cleaning machine and use it for as long as possible.

You do not need to add any water; no need to add any acid; you won’t have to clean acid remnants from the battery tops, connections, and cable. There will not be any need for you to clean the battery for many years to come. In addition, installing a lithium ion battery is something that can be done by any average Joe. Its lightweight nature makes that a distinct possibility.

Extremely Rugged Features

Lithium ion batteries are everything you can hope for when it comes to powering your floor cleaning machine. That is because they are designed with extremely rugged features. As such, it will be hard for you to damage them. If it falls to the ground, nothing will happen to it because it is not liquid like lead acid batteries.

They also come with a protective battery management system. They have a built-in system that protects them from overcharging. When you leave them partially charged, the battery will still work fine. But, in contrast, you can damage a lead acid battery when you subject them to similar charging conditions.

So, for lithium ion batteries, you only buy once and forget about the battery. Just turn the machine on anytime you have need for it.

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Lithium ion battery for Floor Cleaning Machines is no fluke. They are the real deal that can enable you use your cleaning machine satisfactorily. Thankfully, this article has reeled out and explained five important facts about lithium ion batteries that put them ahead of any other rechargeable battery type. It is also noteworthy to point out that lithium ion batteries are more cost-effective even though they may appear more expensive when you buy them initially.For more about 5 important facts about cusom made lithium-ion battery pack for floor cleaning machines,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.jbbatterychina.com/flooring-cleaning-machine-batteries.html for more info.

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