5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries

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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries 

Golf carts, although they are called so, are not restricted in their use. 

Given their compact sizes and controlled speeds, these battery operated vehicles are considered an ideal mode of transport at airports, railway stations, retirement communities, campgrounds and tourist spots too. 

A golf cart stopping enroute can cause great inconvenience. Not only do the riders have to take the journey on foot, but one also has to arrange for the vehicle to be moved. 

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Bad batteries are a common cause for a golf cart breakdown. The problem can be avoided by keeping your batteries in top operating condition and replacing them when needed.  Here are a few indicators of poor battery performance. 

Prolonged Charge Times 

Most golf carts feature rechargeable batteries. 

The energy supplied is generated due to electrochemical reactions in the battery. However, over time and with repeated charges and discharges, these liquids lose their energy-generating capacity and do not generate the same amount of power than when just purchased. 

You notice your battery taking a longer time to charge to generate the same amount of power. 

Reduced Power Output 

Older, malfunctioning batteries put out less power. You will notice the drop in the power output as your vehicle struggles to travel up a steep incline. Reduced power can also directly affect the speed of the golf cart. 

Physical Damages 

Visual damages to the structure of a battery are also signs of an aging, declining golf battery pack

Make it a regular practise to inspect your batteries for structural damages. This includes a bugle or crack that wasn't there. Check for corrosion especially on the connections. 

Older, damaged batteries could also leak acid. Handling batteries that are leaking fluids can be extremely dangerous. 

Discharges Quickly 

This is another red flag that can help you tell it's time for a replacement. 

You will notice that your battery takes about the same amount of time to charge. It charges to its full capacity. However, it does not hold the charge for long. 

You soon realise your golf cart is doing fewer miles on every charge cycle. The battery has gone kaput more times than you can count. You do a quick recharge to jump start the battery, but it drains it out quickly. 

If this becomes a regular feature, know that you have a failing battery on hand. 

Your battery is plain old! 

Let's face it. For many, getting the best value from an item purchased often means using it till it can be used no more. 

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However, trying to stretch an underperforming battery can damage your vehicle, worst still, be dangerous. Therefore, if the battery is several years old, you may want to consider a replacement. 

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