How Can I Get Value From A Deep Cycle 48v 50ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Kit?

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How Can I Get Value From A Deep Cycle 48v 50ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Kit?

In a recent study carried out, it was revealed that a 48v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery is amongst the best. Even golf cart owners have been very quick in verifying such claims since the battery is very solid when focusing on the ever changing requirements. These are new generation batteries with highly advanced and sophisticated features to ensure the golf cart is equipped for days without interruption. Do you want to know the most encouraging part about these batteries? It is the fact that they are highly durable and can last for years without getting damaged. 

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The major problem of most users

Despite all the mentioned benefits of a 48v 50ah lithium ion battery used in golf carts, it is important to point out that there are people who doubt its potentials/advantages. For instance, there are those who still prefer lead-acid batteries to a 48v 50ah li-ion batteries. Furthermore, there are golf cart owners who feel these batteries are not as durable as most of their producers have claimed. Finally, some people believe that golf cart batteries cannot last as claimed before recharging will be required. 

Here is the whole truth 

The truth is that a 48v 50ah lithium ion battery is reliable and effective. If you have bought one before but never experienced any of such benefits, it is safe to conclude that you did not understand how it can be used. Although these batteries are solid and rugged, there are still some things you need to do to get maximum value from them. 

This post will be revealing how to experience the benefits that 48v 50ah li-ion golf cart batteries have got to offer. If you follow the details explained here, you will be getting good value for your battery every time. 

Storing in places with moderate temperature. This is one of the most obvious reasons why most people never experience what a 48v 50ah lithium ion battery has got to offer. These batteries may be rugged as explained above but such does not mean they are not vulnerable to extreme temperatures. High temperatures have been discovered to have some negative effects on how these batteries tend to function over time. 

Therefore, if you ever want yours to work as expected, it is recommended to store in a cool place. This will help to protect the components to a great extent.  In case you do not know, heat is one of the most dangerous factors that can easily affect a battery. Therefore, it will be wise to ensure your li-ion golf cart battery is stored somewhere that is cool. 

Some key points to note here:

• Store in a cool place 

• Temperature should be fall between 200C and 250C

Avoidance of full discharge. Do you know that li-ion batteries in golf carts function the same as those used in mobile phones? Just as manufacturers of these batteries usually kick against allowing full discharge, the same thing applies for golf cart li-ion batteries. Full discharge in this case, is a situation whereby your battery power drains to zero percent before it is charged again. This is not a good practice as it can kill the storage power of such battery faster. 

The same can also be said of recharging. Never allow a 48v 50ah battery for golf cart to drain completely before it is recharged. Again, this can contribute towards reducing its power. Most people like the idea of always charging their batteries which is wrong. It can reduce the capacity of such battery very fast. 

Key points to remember are

• The minimum level that a 48v 50ah lithium ion battery should get to before being recharged is 20-25%

• The maximum level your lithium ion battery should reach before a charge is terminated is 80%

• Always monitor the battery power level to know when it needs to be charged 

Physical protection is very important. This should not be ignored in any way since it can determine whether your battery will last as expected. A 48v 50ah battery for golf carts has been solidly built to withstand harsh conditions. However, such does not mean it has to be handled carelessly. Do not forget that these batteries have components that function interdependently to ensure your golf cart is powered. Therefore, ensure it is well protected. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is always ensuring it is kept away from reach of children. Also, protect the battery from falling and getting damaged. When batteries fall all the time, there is every reason for its components to lose position. This can eventually bring about the problem of short circuiting. 

How to protect a lithium ion battery for golf carts

• Ensure it does not fall to the ground 

• Avoid it from coming in contact with water 

• It should be safely kept once you are not driving the golf cart

Quality batteries can help too. The last thing you want to do is purchase a 48v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery that is of low quality and expect it to meet your needs. This is only a recipe for frustration and disappointment. The best thing to always do is ensure that you have purchased the right lithium ion golf cart batteries. There are too many fake batteries in stores today. 

Do not fall for those false claims that most sellers make. Instead, try to ensure you are looking out for the best batteries that can meet your needs. It is not a guarantee to purchase a 48v 50ah lithium ion battery. This is because you can still get lots of substandard batteries that are branded. 

How to search for quality li-ion batteries in golf carts: 

• Ask the seller sensitive questions 

• Find out reviews about such battery model online 

• Know whether it will be perfect for your golf cart

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There are lots of ways you can maximize a 48v 50ah li-ion battery for golf cart. The ideas shared above can help you in such regards when applied and used effectively. It is all about ensuring you get good value for the money spent on such batteries. 

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