Advantages of Lithium ion golf cart battery packs

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Advantages of Lithium ion golf cart battery packs

Any avid golfer is likely to tell you, that golfing is a stress buster and if you have access to an efficient golf cart it makes the gaming experience even better. What makes a golf cart efficient is a top-class golf cart battery. 

In this modern age, golf cart powered by a lithium-ion battery such as 36V Lithium golf cart battery or a 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery makes a perfect choice as it offers several advantages over lead acid batteries. Here are some advantages that lithium-ion batteries provide.

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Lighter golf carts 

If you have had a golf cart battery powered by lead acid batteries, you already know that the clunky battery underneath your seat makes it difficult to course through even plain terrain, especially if the grounds are wet after an overnight shower. The extra weight makes your golf cart trudge along at a slower pace. This changes immediately when you have a lithium-ion battery powered cart instead. With the removal of a lead acid battery, your cart becomes much lighter and makes even uphill climbs a breeze. 

No maintenance required

If you have used a lead acid battery before, you may already be aware of the extreme maintenance that a lead acid battery requires. Checking the water level in the battery, checking power holding on a regular basis and cleaning terminal posts are all a part of battery maintenance. Even then, a lead acid battery is unlikely to last you beyond five years. A lithium-ion battery on the other hand, requires zero maintenance, is twice as efficient and can easily last for eight to ten years. 

Traceable and trackable 

When everything today is technology powered how can lithium-ion battery be far behind? Latest golf cart lithium-ion batteries are replete with battery management systems (BMS). Through this you can assess the temperature, charge level, health and efficiency of your golf cart battery on a real-time basis. As a result, you know exactly where you stand before you go out for a game of golf and don’t have to spend hours charging it and sprucing it up before you head out. 

The power you need and crave for 

One of the steady complaints that golfers have had is that up hill climbs are a grind because lead acid batteries slow down or refuse to accelerate when climbing uphill. Needless to say this can be a frustrating experience. When you have a lithium-ion powered golf cart however, you will have no such troubles and mountain climbs will be a breeze. This promises to enrich your golfing experience manifold. 

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Make an eco-friendly choice

Lead acid batteries are chemical powered and emit gasses.  Lithium-ion batteries on the other hand, are completely sealed, do not have any harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable. Thus, when you are changing the battery in your golf cart, make a prudent choice in a lithium-ion battery.

If pricing is what you are worried about, here too, a lithium-ion battery makes for a wiser choice because you save on energy costs, potential repair and maintenance cost over the long run.

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