China 24v 100ah Lithium ion Battery Pack - General Specifications, Applications, and Pros

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China 24v 100ah Lithium ion Battery Pack - General Specifications, Applications, and Pros

24v 100ah lithium ion batteries are a type and kind of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries of the deep-cycle category. They find application in devices and equipment that require less power and energy comparatively. They get used exceedingly commonly worldwide and in almost all everyday household appliances. 

General specifications of china 24v 100ah lithium-ion batteries

Several companies produce and manufacture 24v 100ah lithium-ion batteries exist worldwide. A good example is JBBATTERY that serves as one of the leading developers in China. Hence, the same kind of batteries can have specifications that differ slightly from each other based on the company that produced them. 

Nevertheless, the general specifications include a nominal voltage of 24 volts and a capacity of 100-ampere hours. They have a maximum output power output or energy capacity of 2400 watt-hours. Overall, they are compact and lightweight and make for an effortless portability feature. 

The batteries can work within a voltage range of around 21 to 30 volts in a direct current and have a charge voltage of approximately 29 volts. They can come with a maximum charge current of about 0.5 coulombs. The 24v 100ah lithium ion batteries can take a standard time of around six hours for a complete charge, for 0.2 coulombs each hour. They can release different amounts of discharge current at particular intervals.  

The batteries can have a lifespan that lasts for more than ten years, even with intense use and minimal maintenance. They merely need a complete charge every half a year when in the condition or state of storage. They may have an automatic and internal BPS (Battery Protection System) and various other safety features. These ensure the extended lifespan of the batteries. 

Applications of china 24v 100ah lithium-ion batteries

The 24v 100ah lithium-ion batteries can get used in multiple devices and appliances in household settings. They can work with and for an electric machine, an inverter that supports a small residence, wireless communication equipment, and medical instruments. 

They can also get applied to various power control and management devices and xenon lamps or searchlights. Their other uses comprise several types of electronic devices. 

These batteries also get used in traffic signals, relief instruments, monitoring equipment, and small and portable household appliances. They can get utilized in handheld devices, automotive, and as a reserve power supply for industries. They can work with most marine and electric vehicles, yachts, travel trailers, trolling motors, and solar-powered applications. 

Pros of 24v 100ah Lithium-ion Batteries

The 24v 100ah lithium-ion batteries have high energy densities that can maintain a consistent power supply and delivery. They have numerous safety features and functions that protect against overcharging and overheating. These attributes and characteristics keep the batteries running for a long time at their peak condition. The features prevent most failures and breakdowns and preserve the cells for the thousands of life cycles that the 24v 100ah lithium ion batteries go through and withstand. 

The batteries generally require minimal to no maintenance, even in the case of extended and abusive use. Their components or materials do not contain any trace of toxic substances such as cobalt. Additionally, they have and proffer flexibility during installation and can charge up within a short span. Like all other lithium-ion battery variants, these batteries serve as a suitable and appropriate alternative to AGM, gel, and lead-acid batteries. For more about china 24v 100ah lithium ion battery pack,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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