Extending the life of china 24v lithium ion deep cycle batteries and other lifepo4 batteries

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Extending the life of china 24v lithium ion deep cycle batteries and other lifepo4 batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are powerhouses, and they are efficient in all ways. This power option is very popular all over the world today for good reasons. When one owns any lithium-ion battery, be it 24v lithium-ion deep cycle battery, 72v 100ah lifepo4 battery pack, 48v lithium ion battery pack for golf cart, or 12v 105ah lithium-ion battery, it is important to do everything humanly possible to extend its life. There are some ways this can be achieved. 

Battery life is quite important today as more and more people try to achieve convenience. This is especially with the entrance of mobile phones and the need to stay connected. This is why extending the battery pack lifespan is important to most people. 

1. Room temperature

It is important to consider the limits of room temperature. Usually, maximum room temperature ought to be 25 degrees. When a lithium-ion battery is charged fully and exposed to some high temperatures, it could run into many issues. It is important to avoid leaving the lithium-ion battery in a car, especially if the car is parked out in the sun. Heat is one of the things that can reduce the life of a battery. 

2. High capacity packs

As time passes, batteries keep deteriorating whether they are in use or not. This means having that spare battery is not necessarily a good idea. The battery will not give you a better power option than what is being used. Understanding aging characteristics before purchasing any lithium ion battery is important. It makes sense to buy packs that haven't been on the shelf for a long time. One may also choose a battery with a higher capacity for a better service.

3. Partial discharges

Partial discharges should be allowed. Lithium batteries don't have a charge memory. Deep discharge cycles are therefore not needed. Partial discharge cycles can be healthy for such a battery. According to experts, after 30 charges, it is always better to discharge the battery completely. Continuous partial discharges can cause digital memory issues; this reduces the power gauge accuracy. It is better to allow batteries to discharge first and later charge. This helps the power gauge to recalibrate. 

4. Full discharge

When a battery is discharged below 2.5v, the safety circuit within opens to stop the flow. This makes it look like there is no charge in the battery. Here, an original charger does not help. This requires a battery analyzer that has the boost function to recharge the lithium-ion battery. A unit that is deeply discharged should not be recharged, especially after months of storage. 

5. Storage in cool places 

It has already been noted that high temperatures are not ideal for lithium batteries. Therefore, the batteries should be stored in cool places. If not in use, the ideal charge limit before storage should be around 40%. 

Lithium-ion batteries are greater than other batteries. Therefore, one gets to enjoy many discharge and charge cycles. Following the above tips can help boost battery life. Getting batteries for leading Chinese lithium battery manufacturer JB battery is one of the best ways to gyrate quality and efficiency. 

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