How to choose lithium ion battery vs lead acid battery?

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How to choose lithium ion battery vs lead acid battery?

Battery storage is becoming an increasingly popular addition to solar energy systems. Two of the most common battery chemistry types are lithium-ion and lead acid. As their names imply, lithium-ion batteries are made with the metal lithium, while lead-acid batteries are made with lead.

When you want to change the battery for your forklift, golf cart, SUV, ORV, Mobility Scooter, and so on. But you are confuse how to choose the battery. First of all, whatever you choose, you must to figure out the voltage, capacity, battery size, discharge current, connector and wires length.

And then you have many options that you are difficult to choose.”What material of the battery do I need?”, “what's the difference between the lithium and lead acid?” Here we help you find out their strengths and weakness.

For easy to read, we use lithium refers for Lithium Iron Phosphate(Lifepo4) Batteries only, and SLA refers for Lead Acid Batteries.

Please check the different performance between lithium and SLA

Lithium VS SLA of cyclic performance

The Lifepo4 has 10 times cycle life than SLA under most of working condition. That mean you no need to change your battery frequently which could save your cost and time.

Please check the cycle life of Lifepo4 and SLA

Lithium VS SLA for Discharge performance

Look for the discharge performance, the Lithium battery always discharge as beginning. For example, If the bulb use these two battery, the lithium battery would keep the bulb blight as beginning, but the SLA would make the bulb darker and darker as time going.

Battery Weight Comparison

Lithium is 55% lighter than SLA, because Lithium use high density materials. This would be important to affect the device performance, like robot, scooter, SUV and so on.

High Temperature performance Lithium VS SLA

The performance of lithium is far greater than SLA in high temperature. When in 55 ℃, lithium still have twice cycle life as SLA does at room temperature.

Cold Temperature Performance Lithium VS SLA

Cold Temperature can cause capacity reduction for all battery materials. When your device need to work on this condition, need to be considered two things----Charge and discharge.

Lithium has a higher discharge performance than SLA. At 0℃, Lithium is discharged at 70% when SLA is discharged at45%. But Lithium Battery will not accept charge at a low temperature(under 0℃) when SLA accept to charge in a low temperature.


There are many difference between Lithium and SLA. In most instances, lithium is the stronger battery. So we are major in the job that let lithium replace to SLA. If you are still confuse to how to choose the battery, please Feel free to contact us or visit JB Battery China at for more info.

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How to choose lithium ion battery vs lead acid battery?

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