What To Look For When Shopping For A Golf Cart Battery Pack

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What To Look For When Shopping For A Golf Cart Battery Pack

Getting high-performing, reliable batteries is half the battle won in the struggle of maintaining an active golf cart fleet. 

Whether this is your first time shopping for golf cart batteries, or you plan to go with another golf cart manufacturer as a replacement option, knowing what to look for will help you make an informed decision. 

In this article, we compile the 5 factors to consider when shopping for golf cart batteries. 

Understand Battery Types 

Most batteries designed for golf carts are deep cycle batteries, that provide a steady supply of power. Within this too, there is a broad range of batteries to choose from. The four major types include: 

❏ Flooded lead acid

❏ AGM lead acid

❏ Gel Lead Acid

❏ Lithium-ion golf cart batteries

The battery types differ in their price point with lithium-ion batteries being the most expensive and flooded lead acids being budgeted options. 

Not only this, they each boast of different features in terms of shelf life, maintenance requirements, battery weight and shape, weight capacities, recharge cycles and safety. 

Check the specifications of your golf cart to select the one that's best for you. The wrong battery will not work. Worse, it can cause damage to your application. 


It is rare that you use a single golf cart battery in your electric vehicle. It is usually a combination of these batteries put together to fulfill the power requirement. That's usually around 48V and 36V. 

Hence, shopping for golf cart batteries should start with understanding the voltage requirements of the vehicle. 

6V, 8V and 12V are commonly used in golf cart batteries. 6 volt batteries are the cheapest in the range, but lower on their power output and hence not the best option for an inclined course. A smaller capacity also translates to frequent charges. 

12V golf cart batteries provide a high power output that is ideal for navigating challenging terrains. Being of a higher voltage, the pack needs fewer individual batteries. They are extremely lightweight, but require frequent replacements due to a shorter life. 

8V are better performing than 6V but do not match the power output of a 12V. Nonetheless, they last longer than 12V and provide a better amperage. 

If you are unsure of the voltage of the batteries fitted in your golf cart, check the battery compartment for the number of cells. The number of holes (6,4,3) must be multiplied by two to get an idea of the voltage.  Finally, multiple the voltage with the number of batteries. Thus, a cart that makes use of 6 6v batteries will need to be replaced with the same combination. 

Age of the Battery 

For you it might be a golf cart battery pack you are just purchasing, but it could have been sitting at the dealer's for long. Given that batteries self-discharge, age affects their power generating capacity. 

The serial number on the battery should help you tell how old the battery actually is. 

Pricing and Warranty 

Prices could vary depending on the type of battery, shelf life and power capacity. Set a realistic budget as per your requirements. Always ensure that the price is a good match for the features offered. 

Good quality products are always backed by warranty. Shop around for a free replacement warranty. 

Reputable Manufacturer 

It is important to source your battery from a reputed manufacturer if you want to get good value. They should not only specialise in golf cart batteries, but also have positive reviews to support their service. 

JB Battery is a well-known china golf cart battery manufacturer. We specialise in lithium-ion and custom battery packs. Buy from us and you will never regret your purchase. 

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