Are 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs Bad For The Environment?

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Are 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs Bad For The Environment?

There have been many people talking about 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries and how they can help provide lots of benefits which conventional/traditional lead-acid batteries are not known for over the years. Li-ion batteries have made golf carts to perform optimally in various ways. For instance, they can be recharged and used over and over again. Despite such wonderful benefits, the efficiency of such batteries have been thrown into doubt once again. This is evident when some groups of people argued that they are not environmentally-friendly by nature. 

In other words, they claimed that lithium ion golf cart batteries are not good for the environment given that they can cause harm in various ways not just to humans but other items around. An argument such as this has succeeded in doing one thing. This is making people not to trust what 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can do. In other words, they are beginning to doubt the potentials of such batteries. 

Are you amongst those who believe that lithium ion golf cart batteries are dangerous to the environment? Do you know that these batteries are amongst the best which have ever been manufactured? It means they have been produced to meet your needs without any form of compromise. 

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Are lithium ion golf cart batteries bad for the environment?

The truth is the lithium ion golf cart batteries are not harmful to the environment that we are living in. This means that they do not pose any kind of danger to your health. They are quite different from lead-acid batteries which were once used in golf cart before now. This is because they do not contain materials which can be considered to be hazardous in any way. Of course, the major component of lead-acid batteries is lead. This has been discovered to be dangerous to the environment not just to humans but also plants. 

Lead-acid batteries have some dangerous components that are not good for human health. They have been known to be unsafe for usage especially in golf carts. You may just be thinking that they can be used when utmost caution is applied, there is always that tendency to come in physical contact with their components (leads). This is where the problem usually lies. 

What you need to understand about 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah li-ion golf cart batteries

It is true that sometimes you may purchase a 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah lithium ion golf cart battery and it will pose some dangers to your health and life in general.  In such case, it could be that there are some things you are doing which are considered to be unhealthy to the health of such battery. Some of them will be highlighted and briefly explained below. 

Effective storage

The benefit of storing your lithium ion golf cart batteries can hardly be overemphasized. For instance, it goes beyond ensuring that its lifespan will not be shortened. Instead, such can also help the battery to remain safe. For instance, do you know that heat can make an li-ion golf cart battery to explore? Are you aware that such can prove to be very dangerous? 

The bottom line is always ensuring that you are storing such battery in a cold place. In case your golf cart seems to be overheated for one reason or another, ensure to have such problem checked out. This is because it can bring about explosion of fire outbreak. According to experts, the temperature of a place where your li-ion golf batteries are stored should not be more than 200C or 250C.   

Of course, there is a stage lithium ion batteries can get to, they will become flammable. This is one of the dangers of making use of them. In other words, try to avoid a situation whereby they will hit a temperature that is beyond 10000F. This is the point whereby electrolyte which are flammable can ignite. Storing in a cool place will help to avoid such danger in the best way possible. 

The problem of short circuiting

This is also another issue that can make li-ion golf cart batteries become bad for environment. When it happens, there is every chance of explosion or fire outbreak occurring. Short circuiting is a situation whereby there is physical contact between cathode and anode. In other words, they will start touching each other which can cause a bridge and eventually explosion. A problem like this can lead to injury or even death. 72 Volt And 76Volt 100ah li-ion batteries for golf carts are safe so long as their components are not making any physical contact. 

These batteries have been built in a way that they have a plastic item which functions as the separator. It tends to separate the cathode and anode thereby ensuring they do not come in contact with each other. However, something can go wrong and the plastic will become damaged. When this happens, there is every chance that explosion will likely be experienced. 

The reason for this is that such battery will begin to experience overheat in an unusual way. Please note that when this problem happens, your battery will start failing. That is to say, it will no longer perform optimally as expected. As time goes on, its lifespan will be shortened. That is to say, it will not serve you as long as expected again. 

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Lithium batteries are probably one of the safest options you can try out in your golf cart today without any complaint. However, it is better to ensure they are being used or stored in places that are cool in order to avoid any form of fire outbreak or explosion. In a situation whereby you start noticing some technical difficulties, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of a professional to check out what must have gone wrong. Lithium ion golf cart batteries have been designed to be solid. This is why they can withstand harsh conditions due to their rugged nature. However, regular checking to avoid explosion is very necessary.  

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