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ATV batteries

The best ATV adventures call for the most dependable power. Find a wide selection of ATV batteries that fit your four wheeler. We offer everything from high-performance AGM to classic lead acid batteries to keep your all-terrain vehicle performing at its best.

Lawn Tractor and Mower Batteries

From electric push mowers to heavy-duty garden tractors, a reliable battery is essential to power your lawn care machine. Use a mower to tend to your lawn at home, or care for acres of land with a tractor at work – either way, JBBATTERY makes it easy to find the batteries that fit your needs.

Snowmobile Batteries

Be ready to tear up the trails for hours with quality snowmobile batteries that last. JBBATTERY is your #1 source for a battery to exactly fit your sled. Find the right battery to fit your snow machine, choosing from high performance, sealed AGM or a conventional flooded battery for reliable starts and accessory power.

UPS Batteries

When storms hit, they can have a negative impact on your business. Unexpected power outages can disrupt daily operations, affecting sales numbers and hurting customer satisfaction. Likewise, power surges can damage computers, monitors, networks, servers, and point-of-sale terminals, and compromise both customer and company data.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device is the best way to safeguard your valuable equipment and data, providing you with surge protection and network-grade power conditioning, as well as the battery backup power you need to keep you running in even the worst weather.

Wheelchair and Mobility Batteries

Nothing should stop you from getting where you need to be, and that includes the battery in your wheelchair or scooter. Power wheelchair batteries do need to be replaced every so often, so it’s important to understand what type of batteries to use to maintain or improve performance. Before you choose your next battery, think about which one will be best for your wheelchair or mobility scooter. Or, stop by. Our experts can help, with free battery testing, advice, battery installation and more.

We develop and manufacture lithium electric vehicle batteries as well as lithium energy storage products for many kinds of applications.

Over 41,000 batteries, from the regular to the hard-to-find. Cells which power your life in your home, at work, at rest and in play. JBBATTERY is your single-stop battery company, so let’s find what you’re looking for. And if you don’t see it online, visit or call the store near you, and one of our experts can help. Your power solutions start here.

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Emergency Lighting and Security Batteries

Keep your home and business ready for the unexpected with quality emergency lighting and security batteries. Our emergency lighting batteries made for fixtures from ADT, Honeywell, Yorkville, and more, and browse security batteries for alarm control systems by ADT, General Electric, and Emergi-Lite.

Need data & equipment protection at home or at work? Find batteries for an uninterruptible power supply that keeps your home powered even when the grid goes down. UPS backup batteries can also help safeguard essential electronics, like computers, from damage and data loss at home and in the workplace. Make sure you've got batteries that will keep your UPS system operational around the clock.

Car, Boat, and RV Batteries

Make the most of your time on the water with a durable boat or jet ski battery. Find lead-acid batteries in deep cycle, dual purpose, and starting varieties for work and play. Enjoy your travel and leisure time with batteries for RVs, ATVs, golf carts, and workhorse machines like lawn tractors and mowers, for both residential and commercial use.

We also offer powerful motorcycle batteries for bikes by BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Triumph and more. For over 10 years, we have offered LifePo4 Batteries that have been the industry standard for OEM, Commercial and Industrial Applications around the world. With less than a 1% failure rate, our products are unmatched in quality, safety and reliability.

Battery System Design

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JBBATTERY has over 10 years experiences in designing and manufacturing lithium battery, also is become one of the best Lithium ion Battery Manufacturer in China. We also design and develop BMS communication protocol like 232,485 and CAN BUS ect. All our lithium batteries are equipped with Deep Sleep Function now.
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