Can A 24 Volt 100Ah LifePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Explode Due To Heat?

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Can A 24 Volt 100Ah LifePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Explode Due To Heat?

All forms of golf cart batteries are fond of generating a certain level of heat when they are being used. It is impossible for you to use these batteries without them being warm. But can a 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery generate enough heat that can cause an explosion?

You are keen about knowing the answer to this question because if these batteries are explosion-bound, then that changes everything about them. We will find a way to answer this question in the course of the post. But first and foremost, you need to understand how the battery chemistry works. 

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Is heating a sign of a fault?

The energy sapping process that goes on inside a golf cart battery is one that is accompanied by heat. How much heat will be generated in the process is what we are not quite sure about. So the heat that accompanies the charging of a battery is designed to be that way. It is not necessarily an indication that it is faulty.

Every time you use it, it is bound to dissipate some amount of heat. Heat generation in a 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery is part of the whole design. Do not bother yourself about it when you notice. 

Can it ever overheat?

The chances of your 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery heating up more than the necessary level is down to several factors. None of which should be the problem of the manufacturers in an ideal condition. Although it is normal for your battery to give off some heat when it is working, overheating is one thing you should avoid as much as possible. 

If you notice your golf cart battery giving off too much heat as it is working, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Overheating can be attributed to a number of factors. Most of these factors can be traced to users who do not pay any attention to how the battery functions. 

Can the heat result to an explosion

There have been several views regarding how a battery could give rise to an explosion. There have been rumors to this effect as well. None of these opinions have been founded or holds any scientific background. You may have heard of some incidence in the past but I want to assure you that that has nothing to do with the 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery

They are not designed to explode under heating conditions. If it will interest you to know, a couple of safety measures have been built into this battery to ensure it is safe for use. You do not have to be afraid of this battery model because it will never explode due to heat. 

Curbing every cause of overheating

Instead of bothering about whether your battery can explode due to heat, why not think of how you can put an end to every form of overheating. To be able stop overheating is not as difficult as you think. It is as easy as knowing what is responsible for the excess heating process. Some of the things that can cause overheating include; 

Bad connection – a lot of people overlook this, but it has been discovered as one of the chief causes of excess heat in a golf cart battery. If you do not connect your 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery appropriately, it is going to start producing too much heat. Check for all possible connections and make sure they have been done accordingly. 

Dirt – maintenance is not something you should bother yourself with when you are using a lithium ion based battery. But that should not be a license for you to leave the battery terminals to be clogged with dirt. Dirt on your battery terminals will only amount to unnecessary resistance. The moment this starts to happen, more heat will be generated in that terminal. Which will later contribute to a drop in the overall performance of the battery. Look out for these things and your golf cart battery will overheat less. 

Mind where you keep your battery

Where you are keeping your 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery matters a great deal. There are specific environmental and temperature conditions that might cause certain complications in a lithium-ion based battery. You need to be very weary of these conditions unless they would shorten the lifespan of your battery. 

These batteries are not designed to function optimally within such conditions. While we may not be able to give you specific temperatures for now, you could start by avoiding extreme temperature conditions. At such conditions, the battery is unable to work as it ought to. Its activities will be inhibited by the extremely high or low temperatures.

Explosions are impossible without certain elements

Explosions are not just going to happen because you are using a battery. If you have followed all the reports of explosion that are linked with batteries, you would notice that there is always a third element. These are likely flammable materials. You need such items before you can have a full blown explosion. But before the input of the inflammable components, there needs to be fire-bound sources like sparks, and the likes. 

A 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery will not just give you sparks unless something has gone very wrong. It is designed to work normal and not explode for any reasons. You should always have that at the back of your mind. 

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You cannot separate battery usage from the generation of heat. They go hand-in-hand. What you should be worried about is when that heat has become too much. That is where the risk is. However, can we say a 24 volt 100ah LifePO4 golf cart battery will heat up so much that it will cause an explosion? We have established that that cannot be possible with this battery model. With a little awareness and care for your battery, you can use it for as long as possible without having to deal with any explosion; not even once.

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