Can A 36v 100ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Last Up To 7Years?

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Can A 36v 100ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Last Up To 7Years?

One of the advantages of 36v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries over traditional lead-acid batteries used in golf carts is durability. Most users have managed to switch from the latter over to the former in recent years due to durability. It is expected that in the next 5-10 years more people will prefer to make use of lithium ion batteries in their golf carts. It is also expected that these batteries will have lots of features as compared to traditional batteries. 

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Here is the major challenge

There is a major problem despite all of the headlines that lithium ion golf cart batteries have made in recent times. For instance, despite most people making use of it in their golf carts, it has been discovered that some persons still have not accepted its use. In other words, they are of the opinions that these batteries cannot last up to 7years as most producers are claiming. 

The major aim of this post is to answer such question in the most comprehensive manner. In other words, it will be explaining whether a 36v 100ah lithium ion golf cart battery can last up to 7years or not. Details like the ones below will help you make decision about whether these batteries are worth purchasing or not. 

Do they really last up to 7years?

Just as mentioned above, 36v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries are highly durable. They have been built to withstand harsh conditions which the normal lead batteries cannot survive. On the question of whether they can last for such period before replacement is required, the answer is yes it is possible. These batteries can stay up to 7years without any repair being required. It is the reason why they are one of the most durable solutions in the market today. 

Apart from durability, it is important to note that they have other benefits and advantages that you will hardly experience while using traditional batteries. For instance, there is the benefit of low maintenance required. Lithium ion golf cart batteries are new generation batteries in this regards. Imagine using a battery for years without any maintenance routine being carried out. 

The normal lead acid batteries usually require that users change water after some time. This is the only way that these batteries can remain in a perfect condition. However, li-ion batteries have been built to serve as an upgrade to such conditions. They do not require any form of maintenance before being used. It is like plug and play in this regards. All you have to do is purchase the battery and start using it without having to bother about carrying out any maintenance routine. 

Key notes to always remember

• 36v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can last up to 7years

• They also require low level of maintenance

• They are more reliable as compared to traditional lead-acid batteries 

Facts you should know 

Just as explained above, golf cart batteries can last up to 7years. However, it is important to note that such is not a set in stone rule. In other words, it does not happen automatically as there are some things you will have to do before such can be experienced. It means that for you to maximize the benefits of such batteries when it comes to durability, there are roles you will be expected to play. 

This section will be helping to list out some tips to help ensure your li-ion golf cart battery is very durable. Every time you make use of these tips, you will always get good value for money. They will ensure such batteries are efficient during usage. 

Purchasing the right quality. Whether you want to believe it or not, the truth still remains that not every lithium ion battery is of very high quality. Of course, before a battery can serve you for 7years, it has to be of premium quality. Most of the batteries you will come across in the market are not good enough. There are those that are of very low quality. This means they will not last as expected. 

It is very crucial that the components of your battery are of high quality. One of the easiest ways to find out is ask the seller questions. Such person will be in the best position to explain whether the battery can last long or not. Also, you can check out reviews of people who have purchased such battery. These will give you an idea about its quality.    

Key points to note:

• Not every li-ion golf cart battery is of high quality 

• You can ask a seller about the quality of a battery 

• Using buyer reviews can also help

Proper charging and discharging. It is important that after a 36v 100ah li-ion golf cart battery has been bought, you will need to ask questions about how it can be properly charged. There is a golden rule that guides how these batteries need to be charged. For instance, you are not expected to make them reach a point of 100% full charge. This may look like you are doing the right thing but it is not in the real sense. Every time your golf cart battery is charged to 100%, its power is reducing. This means its lifespan is shortened without you even knowing. 

Partial discharge is also recommended. This means your battery should not be allowed to discharge fully before being recharged again. Just like the above, you are only reducing its power every time it gets to 0% before recharging is initiated. 

Key notes to remember

• Batteries should not be allowed to charge up to 100%

• Batteries should not be allowed to discharge to 0%

• Over charging and discharging can kill a battery

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Based on the above details, it is obvious that a 36v 100ah golf cart lithium ion battery can last for up to 7years before any form of replacement will be required. However, there are some things you will have to do as explained above. These guarantees that the battery can actually last for such period of time.

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