Can A 48v 60ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Be Damaged By Water?

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Can A 48v 60ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Be Damaged By Water?

Anytime you hear rechargeable battery and water, you mind starts to flip through various scenarios. Some of those scenarios include what happens when the battery is dropped in water? Or what happens when the battery water goes lower than the required standard? 

The tendency to successfully use your 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery for a long time would depend on what you know about the aforementioned questions. As a result of that, this post will be putting you through on what you ought to know regarding how batteries should be dealt with and managed around water. 

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Should water shortage be avoided?

Lithium ion batteries like the 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery has risen to the very top of the competition. So it is only appropriate that you learn all the information that will enable you use it for long. 

Most lithium ion batteries are not designed to be watered from time to time. A lot of rechargeable batteries are still operating on that level where you need to check in with their water level occasionally. 

If you have a lithium ion battery, then you do not have to bother about that. Think of how to use your battery and have it charged under the standard conditions, and the battery should serve you for as long as possible. 

Can it work in water?

Do not let anybody fool you; why on earth would you want your battery to work in water? Unless you are asking this question for a legitimate reason, you should know that electronics and water do not go together. It is like that for batteries. 

Although some safety measures have been built into every 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery to give them some sort of semi-resistant structure, it will be unwise for you to deliberately use your battery in a place where there is water. Normally, they are not designed to be used in such environments. Therefore, if you can do anything to avoid such scenarios, please do so to help preserve the life span of your battery. 

Other things that could shorten your battery lifespan

There are a lot of factors you are supposed to have in mind when you are talking of things that can cut short your battery life. To use your battery well requires more than just using the battery carefully around water. You need to also keep your eyes fixated on the following factors.

Charging conditions

How have you been charging your battery all this while? Do you just turn on your charger and charge anyhow when your battery is drained? Have you considered the significance of environmental conditions whenever you are charging? 

Your charging conditions could be the difference between a long lasting 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery and one that dies in no time. 

Just to make sure you are doing it accordingly, check through the user manual of your battery and cross-check with the stipulated or standard environmental and charging conditions. Check for the correct current value, and the temperature of the surroundings. That way, your battery will be sure of lasting for a long time. 

Avoid impurities

Allowing impurities to come near your lithium ion battery is an indication of bad things to come. If you do not do anything about this, you will be packing up your 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery in no time. It is that bad!

Perhaps, this is the only reasonable maintenance you will be carrying out on your battery. Do your best to make sure impurities do not have any place in your lithium ion batteries. Clean it occasionally if you have to. It will help to reduce the level of unnecessary resistance that would build up against the free flow of current. Too much impurities will also lead to other unpleasant things such as wires heating up beyond the ordinary. 

High temperature areas should be avoided

Batteries are not to be charged around places that are too close to where a fire is burning. You can easily ruin your 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery by charging it in such conditions. I have a feeling you do not want that to happen. 

Therefore, desist from charging your battery in fire prone environments. Not only that, also make sure the battery is not charged under an extremely high temperature environment. High temperature surroundings have a way of causing your battery unnecessary pressure. 

The same thing is applicable to where you choose to store the battery. Avoid keeping them in places where the temperature is extremely high. For some lithium ion batteries, the maximum temperature they can handle is about sixty-five degrees centigrade. You can also check with your user manual to find out the maximum allowable temperature of the battery you are using. 

Deep cycle charging 

If you want to use your 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery for a very long time, then you have to do everything that is required of you by the manufacturers. Short period charging is not as harmful to a lithium ion battery as this one as they are to some other rechargeable brands. 

But, you still need to put your battery through a deep cycle charging. Some deep cycle charging can take as long as eight hours. And such batteries need to go through deep cycle charging at least once within the specified time. 

Deep cycle charging do not only help to charge the battery to full capacity. They also help to prolong the lifespan of the battery. 

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The main focus of this post had been around the effects of water on a lithium ion battery like the 48v 60ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery. Do not bathe your battery with water because you have been told it is water resistant. If you are using it in place where it is touched by rainwater, then that one is different. The battery has been designed to overcome such shortcomings. We also mentioned a number of other factors that could ruin battery life for good.

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