Can I Replace Lead Acid Battery By Lithium-ion Battery Pack?

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Can I Replace Lead Acid Battery By Lithium-ion Battery Pack?

You can totally supplant lead acid batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer with lithium in marine and RV applications – however here are a couple of contemplations to assist you with choosing if moving up to lithium batteries is the correct lead acid battery elective for your golf cart,boat,camper,or RV. 

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Lead Acid versus Lithium: Depth of Discharge 

Profundity of Discharge, or DoD, is the amount of your battery bank's put away energy can really be utilized without drastically decreasing its life. For instance, a 100Ah (amp hour) lead acid battery appraised for 25% DoD implies you need to plan to utilize just ¼ of its evaluated limit (so 25Ah), leaving the other ¾ in the battery, unused. 

• DoD for lead acid batteries – both overflowed (which you need to add water to intermittently) and fixed ("support free") – is regularly in the 25% – half reach. Your battery will last in any event twice as long on the off chance that you routinely release it 25% than if you consistently release it half. Remember that on the off chance that you don't have a bright day to energize your batteries following a day of utilization, the DoD will go down again the following day – so wanting to utilize 25% every day will permit you to utilize not exactly the half greatest following two days of utilization. 

• On the other hand, DoD for lithium particle batteries is 80% or more, permitting you to utilize most or even the entirety of the battery's put away energy. That implies a 100Ah lithium battery appraised for 80% DoD can securely furnish you with 80Ah without being hurt. 

Therefore, a lithium battery bank can be a lot more modest than a lead acid battery bank to give a similar measure of usable energy. For instance, in the event that you need 100Ah of energy daily, you would require a 400Ah lead acid battery bank to remain at 25% DoD, however would just need 125Ah of lithium at 80% DoD. That is an essentially more modest battery save money with lithium batteries. 

Lead Acid versus Lithium: Cycle Count 

Cycling a battery implies releasing it to any sum and energizing it to a completely energized state. In the event that you cycle your battery bank each day for a year, that is 365 cycles. In the event that you just use it on the ends of the week, and keep the bank finished off the remainder of the time, that is 104 cycles every year. 

A cycle is a cycle paying little heed to how profound the release is, yet the profundity of release straightforwardly influences the number of cycles you can anticipate that your battery should last. A battery's specs will disclose to you the number of cycles to anticipate from it when releasing to its evaluated DoD. 

Lead Acid versus Lithium: Charge/Discharge Rate 

Notwithstanding the amount of a battery's ability you use, it additionally matters how quick you use it. Again, utilizing the 100Ah battery model from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer, on the off chance that you have a 10 amp (A) heap, that can deplete the battery totally in 10 hours (100Ah ÷ 10A = 10 hours). That is viewed as a C/10 rate. In like manner, in the event that you have a 50A burden on the very battery, that would deplete it in 2 hours (100Ah ÷ 50A = 2 hours). That is a C/2 rate. Most batteries are appraised at their C/20 rate, purging the battery in 20 hours. 

In the event that you have a high-current burden in your framework, or are accusing it rapidly of a high current, for example, your alternator or shore power, you need to think about the charge/release pace of the battery bank. On the off chance that you need a higher rate than the batteries can deal with, you would have to expand the battery bank by adding more batteries in equal so the batteries can divide the current among themselves. This may bring about requiring a battery bank that has a higher Ah limit than you need to control your heaps, just to deal with the high current. 

In like manner, excessively delayed of a charge of lead acid batteries can cause untimely sulphation, shortening their life. This isn't an issue with lithium. 

Lead acid batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer will in general perform best between C/8 and C/12 rates. So, our 100Ah battery from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer would need to be charged or released at somewhere in the range of 8A and 12A. Wiring three batteries in equal would allow multiple times the rate, as it divides the current among the three, so 24A to 36A. 

• Some lithium batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer can for the most part handle a C/1 rate, or considerably higher for brief periods relying upon the battery. This implies a 100Ah lithium battery can deal with 100A (or a greater amount of) charge/release current. Most producers suggest close to a C/2 rate consistently for best battery life; however it is acceptable to realize the additional force is there with lithium batteries on the off chance that you need it. Make certain to check the maker's specs while choosing a lithium battery, as some don't uphold as high of a current as others. 

Lead Acid versus Lithium: Voltage Sag 

You might be acquainted with the voltage of your boat or RV's battery bank drooping or dropping to 11V or bring down when attempting to run a powerful burden, for example, your winch, windlass, or forced air system. When running a substantial AC load off the inverter, the voltage could dip under the low voltage cut-off, making the inverter turn off when you need it most. 

Lead Acid versus Lithium: Size and Weight 

With a higher DoD, higher cycle tally, and higher charge/release rate, it is anything but difficult to perceive how utilizing lithium batteries in your RV or boat saves space by requiring an actually more modest battery bank and I don't have to clarify the benefits of saving space in an all-around difficult situation. In any case, there is one more actual advantage of supplanting lead acid batteries with lithium for RV and marine applications: Lithium batteries additionally do not have the insane load from being made with lead! Lighter weight implies higher eco-friendliness, setting aside you extra cash in gas or diesel costs.

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