China 36v 100ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturers and Specifications

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China 36v 100ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturers and Specifications

What Does the Term Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Indicate?

A lithium ion battery is a unique product of its kind. It can get recharged and work for an extended time till its wears out. Since its release about two decades back, this type has acquired and sustained the top spots among its peers. Such batteries excel in quality and competence. That is why they have a high demand for production and purchase.

A lithium-ion battery offers a high density of stored energy. This characteristic allows the product to serve as a beneficial and suitable choice and solution in specific and power-hungry applications. For example, it gets used in electrical devices and appliances that require a high capacity of energy. A lithium-ion battery has an enhanced and elevated productiveness and efficiency compared to most other types that resemble its functions, features, and operations.

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As the name suggests, a lithium-ion battery pack is a collection of more than one lithium-ion battery. It can have a series or parallel connection.

Who are the Manufacturers of a 36v 100ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack?

Several companies and brands worldwide serve as a 36v 100ah lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer. Nonetheless, a few stand out from the rest. It depends on the quality, competence, and durability of the products.

The headquarters and bases of most of these excelling companies remain centered around and confined in a few particular countries. It primarily consists of nations such as The United States of America, South Korea, China, France, and Japan. In other words, the countries that excel in all things related to electronic products and gadgets also remain at the top for the 36v 100ah lithium ion battery packs that power them.

What are the Fundamental Specifications of a 36v 100ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack?

Each lithium-ion battery constituting a 36v 100ah lithium-ion battery pack comes with four principal sections and components. Firstly, they have a cathode and an anode. The former is responsible for computing the total capacity and voltage of the item. It is the source where the positive lithium ions originate. On the other hand, the latter permits the flow of electric current through the batteries via a means and route of an electric circuit. At full charge, the generated lithium ions accumulate and get stored here. It is possible to get a summation of the individual values of these parameters computed from the cathode and anode for every constituent of the pack. It would give their magnitude for the entire set.

In addition to these, each battery comes with an electrolyte consisting of salts, additives, and solvents. It serves as the medium that allows the movement of the ions between the two electrodes. The batteries also have a separator that forms a separating barrier between the cathode and the anode.

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In general cases, a 36v 100ah lithium-ion battery pack has 36 volts voltage and a total capacity of 100 ampere-hours. It comes with battery energy of 384.8Wh and a weight of 2200g. Such batteries take around 8 hours to charge fully.For more about china 36v 100ah lithium ion battery pack manufacturers and specifications,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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