China custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturers and the supply chain

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China custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturers and the supply chain

One of the greatest issues that most Chinese lithium battery manufacturers face is finding the raw materials used in the making of lithium-ion batteries. What the manufacturers can do is to be clear about the kind of future demands they may have regarding raw materials in the future. 

There have been promises that some raw materials may be eliminated from the battery chemistry. This could possibly cause a price surge upwards, especially because of the stock build-up that may be required short term. However, the shortages may be evident in the long term, especially if some raw materials are not eliminated. This is a major issue that the industry may have to deal with. 

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The lithium-ion battery industry may have to deal with the desire to develop a much better supply chain and keep it secure. Countries such as DRC provide around 70 percent of mined cobalt every year. This may not change drastically in the foreseeable future. Countries like China dominate the necessary battery materials. This could be a challenge in the future, though, as more players enter the market. 

Thinking of it strategically, battery materials have become very important. While there is an over-reliance on Chinese lithium battery manufacturers, other regions are working towards sourcing raw materials to assist with processing, and this includes attracting different battery manufacturers. 

Western governments are working towards easing the processing of different battery materials and capital facilitation with regard to regulations. However, China still remains the main player, and that is why some of the best lithium-ion phosphate battery manufacturers are China-based.   


The raw materials used to make batteries are not combusted, which means that there is no air pollution. There is also the opportunity to recycle. This involves collecting, shredding, and then processing. This means the battery commodities may be reused with very little loss of materials. 

With time, it is expected that recycling will be a major part of the raw material supply which means that some centuries from now, primary extraction of raw materials through mining may be very little. 

Renewable energy

The nature of wind and solar power generation demands great storage capacity. While this may be in many forms like flywheels and pumped hydro, the most reliable and un-intrusive technology to aid storage is batteries. With the use of lithium-ion batteries, there should be a great reduction in the use of gas power generation, oil, and coal in the coming decades. 

Energy storage systems are becoming more popular today, and there may be many changes seen in this area in the coming years. BESS or battery energy storage systems are becoming a great technological development, especially with new projects. 

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With the above information, it is clear why the future is bright for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Companies like JB battery deal with different battery capacities, including 24v lithium-ion deep cycle battery, 48v lithium-ion battery pack for golf cart, 12v 105ah lithium-ion battery, and 72v 100ah lifepo4 battery pack. For more about china custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturers,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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