China Custom Made LifePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs Options

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China Custom Made LifePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs Options

Lithium iron phosphate is often referred to as LFP or lifepo4. It is a recently developed battery chemistry that can be recharged and a variation of lithium-ion chemistry. These rechargeable batteries make use of lifepo4 to serve as the cathode material. The energy density is much less compared to other chemistries. However, the batteries offer a better life cycle and power density.

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Today, manufacturers are capable of creating custom lithium-ion phosphate battery packs and assemblies to cater to different applications. Usually, the latest electronic and mechanical tools are utilized to optimize the manufacture, safety, and reliability of the battery packs created. You can power products dependably and cost-effectively with rechargeable power. However, it is important to pick the right manufacturer to reap all the benefits associated with these batteries.

Custom lithium iron phosphate battery pack cell characteristics

There are many things that you have to consider before you pick the right battery pack for you. This is usually dependent on the project you have. To pick the right custom lithium iron phosphate battery pack, you must consider the cost, size, operating temperature, power rating, capacity, voltage, and availability. This helps you evaluate the possibility of getting the battery as per your requirements.

When you understand the project specifics, you can now select a battery or cell that can offer you the best outcome. Custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs can be created in accordance with the customer specifications. If you have a project that needs more voltage, the manufacturer can increase this by simply adding more cells into the series in the safest way possible. A parallel cell connection can increase the current capacity.

Pros and cons associated with custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs

These batteries are produced in a way that they can be used in many custom applications. However, that is not to say that all things are rosy with technology, even though many pros make it the chemistry of choice.


These batteries offer better chemical and thermal stability. They also have a longer life cycle and discharge capability. This means that safety characteristics are greater. The batteries are incombustible because of mishandling in the discharge and charge processes; this means that the batteries can handle high temperatures without any significant damage.


Compared to other chemistries, custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs have a lower volume and energy. The cells have a lower energy density and voltage compared to other li-ion cells. However, the disadvantage is offset eventually because the capacity loss is slower in comparison.

Lithium-ion batteries and cells are available in power and energy types that offer better energy and power characteristics. This depends on whether the customer needs a high discharge rate or a better run time.

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Custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs are a very popular choice for electric vehicles. This is because they have a fast charge feature and hi-rate discharge abilities. The long calendar life and long cycle add further to the very impressive popularity. Manufacturers have adopted chemistry because of the many benefits that they have. Defense and medical device contractors have embraced the technology because of how safe it is.For more about china custom made LifePo4 lithium iron phosphate battery packs options,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at  for more info.

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