China lithium ion batteries packs like 72v 50ah lifepo4 battery pack and travel restrictions

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China lithium ion batteries packs like 72v 50ah lifepo4 battery pack and travel restrictions

There are many things that are taken into account when air travel is concerned. One of the most important is safety and this is why so many restrictions are put into place to guarantee that safety is upheld.  

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Air travel restrictions

When it comes to transporting or carrying lithium content, there are some guidelines offered by different airlines on the same. Most air travelers are left wondering how much lithium is allowed on board an air plane. In such a case, there is a need to differentiate between battery types. There are lithium metal and lithium ion batteries. Many of the lithium metal batteries cannot be recharged and are often used in things like film cameras. As for lithium-ion batteries, they can be recharged and are used to power camcorders, cellular phones, and laptops. The battery types including spare packs are usually allowed on carry-on bags but there is a lithium content that should never be exceeded. 

For lithium alloy batteries or lithium metal batteries, they should not exceed 2 grams. For lithium-ion batteries, the restriction stands at 8 grams. Lithium-ion batteries that are above 8 grams but less than 25 grams can be included in carryon baggage if they are protected individually to avoid short circuits. They are usually limited to 2 spare batteries for each individual. 

Knowing the content of lithium-ion batteries can be a bit tricky. From a theoretical point of view in a normal lithium-ion battery, there is no metallic lithium. However, the lithium content has to be considered in such a case. This is usually calculated as 0.3 times the capacity rated. This is done in terms of ampere-hours. 

Shipment restrictions

When shipping lithium-ion batteries in bulk, there are transportation guidelines that need to be met. This applies to international and domestic shipments by air, sea, or land. 

If the lithium-ion cells have a lithium content exceeding 1.5 grams or if there are 8 grams for every battery pack, they should be shipped under class 9 miscellaneous hazardous materials. The number of cells and cell capacity usually determining the content of lithium therein. 

There is an exception for packs that have less than eight grams of lithium. When a shipment has over 24 lithium cells or battery packs of 12 lithium-ions, then special markings as well as the appropriate shipping documents have to be processed. Every package has to be marked clearly that it has lithium batteries within. 

It is important that lithium-ion batteries be tested following the detailed specifications contained in UN 3090 despite the lithium content. This is the UN manual of tests. The precautions are meant to safeguard against shipping flawed batteries. 

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