Custom 96v lithium ion battery packs for electric utility vehicle UTV cars and the safety challenges

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Custom 96v lithium ion battery packs for electric utility vehicle UTV cars and the safety challenges

The lithium ion battery market is bound to grow significantly in the coming years. There are many factors driving the market growth, including high demand for electric utility vehicles, industrial allocations, IoT-based devices, and automation of different material handling battery equipment available in various industries. 

Lithium-ion batteries have been in use for the past two decades. The application has been in smartphones, and they are today adopted for use in electric automobiles. These high-density batteries are cost-effective and versatile compared to other battery technologies. The benefits associated with the batteries do not mean that they are free of risks. To understand challenges associated with chemistry, it helps to clearly understand the kind of science that is behind the technology. 

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Why are the batteries unsafe? 

When used in smartphones, batteries are often very small, and there is usually a single li-ion cell within. Some batteries consist of a couple of li-ion cells. When it comes to electric airplanes and cars, the batteries are formed using hundreds of cells. The cells are usually produced in different form factors. They can be a pouch, prismatic, or cylindrical. The cases used can be either soft or hard. Electrodes in the cell may be stacked or wound. Cases may also have different protection mechanisms. 

The BMS in battery packs make sure that some abuse scenarios within the battery are avoided. This includes temperature range, charging beyond or below expected, external short-circuits, over current, overcharge, over-voltage, deep discharging, and over-discharge. 

The lithium ion battery comes with two electrodes. There is also a sheet and a non-aqueous electrolyte to separate the electrodes. When charging is initiated, the lithium-ion moves towards the anode. Discharging involves the opposite. Lithium-ion flow to the cathode, thereby offering power to the connected device. If the separator fails, the cathode and anode may touch, causing a short circuit. This is what a battery can overheat, this means that the separator is a critical part of the battery and can cause very severe damages to the battery. 

Separator fail causes

Thermal runway: li-ion batteries are voltage and temperature-sensitive. The electrolyte is a hazard in the battery because it is flammable. When temperatures rise, an exothermic reaction could rise within the battery. Overheating could result from exposure to high temperatures, overcharging, overheating, or short circuits. This can cause a thermal runaway. 

Voltage limits: lithium-ion batteries are vulnerable to stress caused by a voltage outside the safe ranges. Other issues include charging problems and internal short circuits. 

Choosing a good manufacturer aware of how things are done is critical to be on the safe side. Lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, lithium-ion batteries for an electric wheelchair, and 24v lithium-ion batteries for electric scooters are some of the available battery options from the manufacturer. 

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There are many electric car battery manufacturers. It is important to choose a manufacturer with the knowledge and capacity to create the best battery solutions. Some manufacturers create custom-made options for different players within the electric utility vehicle world. One of the best is JB Battery.For more about custom 96v lithium ion battery packs for electric utility vehicle UTV cars and the safety challenges,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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