Difference Between SLA and LiFePo4 Batteries

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Difference Between SLA and LiFePo4 Batteries

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LiFePo4 Batteries Pros and Cons 

The lead acid battery has been around since the 1800's and is maybe the most seasoned kind of battery plan accessible. However, notwithstanding the presentation of more current battery innovations, lead acids remain very mainstream. Lead-acid batteries represent about 40% of the batteries sold on the planet. This ubiquity is mostly a consequence of the dependability of lead-acid batteries, yet additionally an aftereffect of their minimal effort. 

Surely, the primary contention preferring the lead acid battery is that they offer generous advantages with ease. 


• Readily accessible. You can discover a lead-acid battery pretty much anyplace you discover automobile parts. 

• Very reasonable - a Group 31 size profound cycle lead-acid battery lifepo4 golf cart battery pack supplier with 100ah of limit will cost $150 - $300, contingent upon type and quality. 

• Lead acids are solid and tough - they're worked to take a ton of misuse, particularly in car applications where vibration can be a difficult issue. 


• They're (generally) hefty. Contrasted with LiFePO4 batteries, lead-acids have a low energy-to-weight proportion. 

• Shorter life expectancy and cycle life than LiFePO4 batteries lifepo4 golf cart battery pack supplier, particularly when they're profoundly released. 

• Discharging profound cycle lead-acid batteries beneath 20% (and once in a while half) for all time decreases the battery's ability. 

• There are a few worries about gas release and acid spillage, just this is moderately uncommon on more up to date upkeep free batteries. 

• High current loads quickly reduce appraised capacity...most profound cycle lead acid batteries are intended for moderate, consistent release over a 20+ hour time frame. in the event that the time span is diminished, the limit rating drops. 

At last, it's imperative to take note of that there are various kinds of lead-acid batteries, every one of which has their own advantages and disadvantages. Gel and AGM batteries are the most costly, however they are additionally the most strong and last the longest. "Wet" batteries are accessible in support free setups or they can require intermittent topping off. The bit of leeway in these wet batteries is lower cost and - on the off chance that they're the sort that require support - they periodically have more energy limit. 

On account of the ArkPak, the biggest battery lifepo4 golf cart battery pack supplier that will fit inside is a Group 31. It's conceivable to locate a 130ah wet battery in the gathering 31 size, yet it's not in the slightest degree simple to discover anything greater than 100ah in a gathering 31 battery in the event that you just gander at fixed, AGM, or gel batteries (a large portion of what we find that will fit in the ArkPak is 100ah or less). 

SLA Batteries Pros and Cons 

While there are many basic kinds of lithium particle batteries (with all the more being created each day, it appears), lithium iron phosphate batteries have been around two or thirty years or somewhere in the vicinity (concocted in 1996). This specific battery science is mainstream in car applications, as it's sturdy, stable, and appropriate to beginning vehicles. Profound cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries additionally find some kind of harmony between energy stockpiling and life-span...they can be relied on for quite a long time of utilization. 


• Long life range (5-10 years) versus lead acid (1-3 years), contingent upon profundity of release and expecting that as far as possible doesn't murder the battery first 

• Longer cycle life, as LiFePO4 batteries lifepo4 golf cart battery pack supplier last 1,000 to 3,000 charge and release cycles, contrasted with likewise estimated lead-acid batteries, which can go from 200 - 1000 cycles (once more, expecting profundity of release is inside suggested limits for both battery types). 

• LiFePO4 batteries are less powerless to issues brought about by profundity of discharge...a LiFePO4 battery can be dropped to 20% of charge without long haul harm. Most lead-acid batteries lose limit or cycle life on the off chance that they're released over half. 

• Lighter than lead-acid batteries. 

• Arguably, LiFePO4 batteries are more naturally agreeable than lead acid. 

• Very safe - the chances of a "warm rampant" (otherwise known as battery fire) are exceptionally low. The equivalent can not be said of other lithium particle sciences. 


• As referenced, LiFePO4 batteries are exorbitant. 

• LiFePO4 batteries are elusive. Most should be bought on the web. 

• Susceptible to harm through cheating (it's critical to utilize a charging framework that is intended for LiFePO4 batteries in the event that you need to amplify their life). 

As expressed in the presentation, profound cycle LiFePO4 batteries lifepo4 golf cart battery pack supplier are superior to profound cycle lead-acid batteries in pretty much every quantifiable manner. Be that as it may, they're 3-10 times all the more expensive, with a 100ah or 125ah Group 31 size LiFePO4 battery running between $1,000 on the low end and $3,000+ on the very good quality.

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Which Battery Should You Get? 

Expecting that the two batteries are in the financial plan, the subject of which to purchase truly boils down to a small bunch of choices: 

1.Do you need to lessen weight? A DieHard Marine 100ah gathering 31 profound cycle lead-acid battery tips the scales at 75lbs. A comparative limit LiFePO4 battery from Stark Power is 28lbs. In a hustling application, 47lbs could be a significant contrast. 

2.Do you need more than 50ah of battery limit between charges? A lead-acid battery works best when it's released under half. On the off chance that your lead acid battery has 100ah of limit, this means 50ah usable "limit", at any rate on the off chance that you need to expand battery life. A LiFePO4 battery can go up to 80% profundity of release without bargaining life expectancy (80ah, utilizing our 100ah battery model), so it's better in the event that you need more force between charges. 

3.Do you need to draw a ton of current for a brief period? A LiFePO4 battery lifepo4 golf cart battery pack supplier is more viable at conveying a lot of current over a brief period than a lead acid battery. In the event that you need a battery that can control a 40 amp gadget for two hours in a row, LiFePO4 is the best approach. Most lead-acids - regardless of whether they're evaluated at 100ah and released to 20% - will bomb that prerequisite, as their maximum appraised limit depends on a more slow current draw. 

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