Do 48v 100ah or 200ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Packs Go Bad If Not Used?

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Do 48v 100ah or 200ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Packs Go Bad If Not Used?

Formerly golf carts worked with lead acid batteries. These forms of batteries where the leaders back then in the industry. Although they were great due to their benefits of helping to power golf carts and other vehicles, they have been discovered to lack in some key areas as compared to 44v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries. For instance, they require high level of maintenance to remain in a perfect shape. This includes maintaining a certain amount of water level and ensuring it is cleaned regularly to avoid corroded terminals. 

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Here is the perfect solution

The advent of 44v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries has managed to change lots of things in this industry. Unlike lead acid batteries, they do not require any kind of maintenance in order to function very well as expected. Also, they have proven to be very reliable with regards to lifespan and durability. An average li-ion golf cart battery has been built to last for at least 5years before power begins to drop. 

The doubt 44V 200ah li-ion golf cart batteries

Despite the increasing popularity of 44v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries, it is crucial to note that there are people who do not believe in its reliability. For instance, there has been an argument amongst various people about the durability of these batteries. While some group of individuals are of the opinion that their batteries can become faulty even when not used, others do not have such belief. 

Are you amongst the people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that there are lots of things to understand about these batteries with regards to their durability? This post will be revealing some important details about whether 44v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can actually go bad when not used for some time. After this post, you will know whether such is just a make-belief statement or not.  

Can they actually become faulty when not used?

The first thing to note here is the fact that lithium ion batteries are very reliable and strong. They can withstand harsh conditions which most forms of golf cart batteries cannot. However, whenever stored in a state of discharge, they can become damaged. Battery voltage is the major thing here. In other words, if you are planning not to use a golf cart battery for a long period of time, it is crucial to have it charged. Ensure it is not empty. That is to say, such battery should still have some power inside of it.  

It is a bad idea to leave a li-ion golf cart battery uncharged for a long time. The reason is simple as there is every chance of chemical reaction taking place. With the passage of time, this will be reducing the power of such battery until it become finally damaged. There is a way that 44v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries have been built or designed to function. This is a natural process which applies to every lithium ion battery. It is the fact that they will discharge when being used or not. It means your battery is constantly discharging. 

The only way to combat such a problem is ensuring it is properly charged. Trying to leave your 44v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery for a long time when it is not charged can damage it beyond repair. One factor that can determine the state of battery when left empty for a long period of time is time. As simple as this may sound, it can determine whether your battery will still remain in good shape. For instance, a battery which is left empty for about 3months will eventually become more damaged than another battery which has been left for 2weeks.  

Tips to make your 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries when not in usage

There is no doubt that after discovering the fact above, you must be thinking there is no way to have a lithium ion battery without not using it regularly. The good part is that there is always a way to go about such challenge. Read the details below to know how your 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can be stored when not being used.  

Constantly monitoring

This is especially true when you tend not to make use of such battery for a long period of time. One of the best things you can do is ensuring that it is constantly monitored. This helps you to know the level of power that it still has. For instance, your golf cart battery is not supposed to discharge below 2.5v or minimum 2v. 

This is very important and should not be taken for granted in any way. Anything below such power storage level will begin to cause damage to the overall battery. It will reduce its lifespan beyond what is expected.  This means your battery will not last as long as expected. 

Storing in a cool place 

Do you know that 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can react negatively to high temperature levels? There are lots of people who have ignored this tip in the past. They eventually ended up having damaged li-ion batteries. This situation can be easily avoided as all you need to do is ensure your battery is not stored in a place that is too hot. 

Temperature levels of around 200C and 250C are acceptable. Anything below these should be avoided since they can have great negative impact on your li-ion golf cart battery without you knowing. Just find cool places to ensure its lifespan stays as expected without any compromise.   

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Based on the above, it can be seen that 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart batteries have been built in a way that they can easily get damaged when not used for a long time. However, the best way of avoiding such issue from occurring is ensuring it is charged and monitored on a constant basis. 

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