Does A 48v 100ah Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Cart Have Any Disadvantage?

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Does A 48v 100ah Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Cart Have Any Disadvantage?

The advent of 48v 100ah lithium ion batteries in golf carts has succeeded in generating lots of controversies amongst users over the years. For instance, there are people who believe that these batteries are the best and can be put to various uses. While this is true to some extent, it must not be forgotten that there are also people who do not believe that lithium ion batteries are the best amongst others. They are of the opinion that the disadvantages of these batteries tend to outweigh their advantages. Is this really true? 

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Are you amongst the second category of people who have doubts about lithium ion batteries? Do you know that despite their shortcomings or flaws, these batteries still remain one of the best in the market? The major aim of this post is to help you understand the flaws of a 48v 100ah lithium ion battery which is used in golf carts. 

At the end, you will find out that these flaws or disadvantages are not really serious. As a matter of fact, you can still get the best from these batteries even with such disadvantages. Discover them below and consider your chances of using it. 

Some may not last long before getting replaced. Alright, this is true and you must be thinking at the moment whether companies are making false claims about batteries with regards to their lifespan. For instance, these batteries are expected to last for 5-7years before any replacement is required. There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to durability of a 48v 100ah li-ion battery used in golf cart. 

For instance, there is the issue of dealing with the right brand or manufacturer. Do not forget that there are lots of manufacturers in the market. Some of them produce batteries that are of low quality. There are instances when people have complained about their batteries not lasting up to 3years before being finally replaced. The bottom line is that if you are using a low quality 48v 100ah li-ion battery, do not expect it to last. On the other hand, a high quality battery will last up to 7years. 

Another issue is how the battery is being put to use. Without following manufacturer instructions properly, it is safe to conclude that your battery will not last long before breaking down. Every battery that has been produced requires special way of usage based on instructions. Failure to follow them means that you are putting such battery and its components under stress. 

Key points to note

• Try to purchase a 48v 100ah lithium ion battery from the best manufacturers. 

• Follow instructions from manufacturers in the aspect of discharge, charging and battery storage.   

They can discharge easily. This is another problem that you should always expect from lithium ion batteries used in golf carts. It does not matter what producers/manufacturers are trying to make you feel about these batteries in the aspect of how they can retain power. The truth is that every li-ion battery out there must discharge power. This has nothing to do with whether such is being used or not. There is problem here due to such discharge. This is the fact that your battery can be damaged once it is constantly experiencing “deep discharge”. 

Deep discharge is a situation whereby a battery drains completely before being charged again. When this begins to happen too often, there is every chance of your battery dying quickly. As a matter of fact, the problem of deep discharge is responsible for most 48v 100ah li-ion batteries dying sooner than expected. Do you want to know the good part? It is the fact that this problem can be easily avoided. 

For instance, if you plan not to use your golf cart for some months or weeks, it is recommended to have the battery charged on regular basis. This is to help it maintain a reasonable level of storage power. 

Key tips to remember

• Lithium batteries will discharge even when they are not being used

• Never allow your lithium ion battery to go below 20%

• Charge such battery regularly even when you are not making use of your golf cart

• Store the battery in a cool place

Safety issues. It is true that lithium ion batteries have been impressive in terms of their features and functionalities. They look promising amongst other batteries you will often come across in the market. However, there is always the problem of safety. For instance, they are vulnerable to experiencing overheating. This usually happens once they are exposed to very high voltage. As simple as this problem may sound or look like, it can bring about combustion. 

They can even bring about explosion and fire outbreak when not handled with care. Have you ever wondered why most shipping companies usually refuse to transport batteries to various locations? This is the cause of such refusal. It can be said that lithium ion batteries used in golf cart are highly vulnerable to such problem of overheating. This is one of the major reasons it has been recommended that they are charged in cool places. 

Their high cost. This is another factor which has contributed in limiting the popularity of lithium ion batteries to a great extent over the years. As compared to lead-acid and Ni-CD batteries, they are quite expensive. As a matter of fact, their cost is around 40% higher than these options. This means that a regular Joe may struggle to afford it. 

Here are some tips to knock down the prices of such batteries:

• Always negotiate with sellers 

• Buy in large quantities 

• Do not buy from the first seller you come across. Instead, search for more sellers as some may even be offering better deals

• Watch out for seasonal discounts and take advantage of them  

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Based on the above, it is very obvious that just as 48v 100ah li-ion batteries used in golf carts have some advantages; that is how they have shortcomings. However, there are ways to overcome such flaws as explained.  

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