LifePo4 Batteries for Cleaning Machines

Replacement Batteries For Floor Cleaning Machines

Spend more time cleaning and less time worrying. Make sure your equipment is ready to go all day, every day with JBBATTERY LifePo4 batteries. Create a true zero-maintenance power source: no battery watering, no fuel-tank replacement and storage, and no engine maintenance. With Tennant lithium-ion batteries, your machines are always ready to go, your operators spend more time cleaning – and you spend zero time worrying. JBBATTERY is one of the providers of floor cleaning machine batteries, offering motive power batteries in 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 70V, 80V and other custom voltage applications. Safe lifting working with our solution, low intermal resistance and high efficiency.
12V Batteries for Cleaning Machines
24V Batteries for Cleaning Machines
36V Batteries for Cleaning Machines
48V Batteries for Cleaning Machines
60V Batteries for Cleaning Machines
80V Batteries for Cleaning Machines

Floor Scrubber / Floor Cleaner Batteries

Floor care and cleaning machines such as scrubbers and sweepers require reliable battery power to get the job done effectively. Cleaning professionals need reliable power that will perform consistently during the entire shift. JBBATTERY lithium batteries are maintenance free with high energy efficiency and longer service life.

JBBATTERYLiFePO4 battery system ensures optimal performance of each vehicle's operation. These battery systems play vital role for even the most demanding applications, giving them greater energy density, lower weight and longer life capability.

Flooring Cleaner Battery Technical Features:

①  More Usable Capacity
Provides 100% of usable energy, so for longer shifts you can discharge the battery more than the traditional lead acid, increases your longer shift efficiency.

②  Faster Charging
Charges much faster than sealed lead acid batteries, gives you freedom to oeprate whenever you want. Can fully charge within 2-2.5 hours which is impossible for VRLA.

③  Saves Electricity Bill
Fast charging capability reduces the KWH consumption from your national grid connection and saves you from paying a big electricity bill every month.

④  High Discharge Efficiency
The battery is able to support high discharge rate of 1C up to >95% capacity, where lead acid supports only 35%.

⑤  Replace Time
Replace time for our lithium batteries for this application is 8+ years where as traditional lead acid batteries need replacement in every 6-8 months.

⑥  Safety
Advanced BMS ensures safety from higher and lower temperature, over voltage, under voltage, over-current, short circuit etc. and also monitors the cell balancing, State of Charge, cell level voltage etc.
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JB BATTERY has over 10 years experiences in designing and manufacturing lithium battery, also is become one of the best Lithium ion Battery Manufacturer in China. We also design and develop BMS communication protocol like 232,485 and CAN BUS ect. All our lithium batteries are equipped with Deep Sleep Function now.

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