How Can I Make A 48v 50ah Golf Cart Lithium Ion Battery To Last Longer?

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How Can I Make A 48v 50ah Golf Cart Lithium Ion Battery To Last Longer?

A 48v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery can last for up to 5years before requiring replacement. There are instances when it can last more than such timespan. This is one of the reasons why it is a preferred option for golf cart owners in recent years. Its high level of durability can hardly be compared to what most batteries in the past have got to offer. There are people who even believe that these batteries can still have other uses in their homes after working in golf carts for around 5years. 

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Can they really last that long?

The truth is that there is no battery that is automatic in terms of working condition. In other words, there is always something you can do to ensure your 48v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery is working in perfect condition. Lithium ion battery can only last as long as possible when some certain things are in place. 

Do you know want to know the secret?

In case your lithium ion golf cart battery is not working as expected, there is every reason to believe you are not doing the right thing at the moment. Do you know that although these batteries are durable, they still need to be taken proper care of? 

Today, you will be learning some of the techniques that can make a 48v 50ah li-ion golf cart battery last longer. The good part is that these techniques are not rocket science. Thus, they can be adopted by anyone. You only need to show some commitment and consistency. 

Minimize the charging time. This is very important but very few people usually take it into consideration. Do you know that allowing your golf cart battery to charge up to 100% can make it age very fast? Even if you are going to be doing this, it should not be regularly. In other words, do not charge a lithium ion golf cart battery all the time to its fullest. The same can also be said of its discharge rate. Anytime your battery is allowed to reach 0% before initiating a charge, there is likely to be a problem. 

The bottom line to note here is:

• Avoid charging up to 100% on regular basis

• Avoid your battery from draining to 0% before it gets charged again

• Your li-ion golf cart battery is being stressed when it is overcharged

2 - Avoidance of extreme temperatures. 

Based on a survey, it has been discovered that extreme temperatures are dangerous to the health of 48v 50ah golf cart lithium ion batteries. If your battery is degenerating at an unusual rate, there is every reason to believe it is working under an extreme temperature. Even if you decide to purchase another one, the implications will be similar as such will not last for long before dying finally. In a situation whereby your battery is being stored in a very hot place, it is likely to be adversely affected. 

Here are some things to always note about extreme temperature: 

• When the temperature is extreme, the components of your golf cart battery will be adversely affected. 

• Ensure that your battery cools off before being used

• Ensure the li-ion golf cart battery is being stored in a cool place 

3 - Protection of physical properties. 

This is one aspect that most owners of golf carts have not been paying attention to over the years. Do you know it is possible for a golf cart battery to become damaged due to negligence or carelessness? Are you aware that such can shorten its lifespan beyond your imagination? Most of the time, the physical property of your golf cart battery can be damaged due to fall or not being kept in the right place after usage. 

Maintenance is the key to ensuring the battery is working as expected. Do not store your battery carelessly since its components can get damaged. This means its work rate or functioning will be greatly affected. 

Below are the key notes to always remember here: 

• Always protect your lithium ion golf cart battery during, and after usage

• Ensure it is properly stored in a safe place when not in use

• Mechanical damage like puncturing should be avoided

• Never allow sharp objects get close to your battery

4 - Using the right battery. 

Most people believe that golf cart batteries are the same in terms of functionalities and potentials. This is not true in any way as they are very much different. For instance, there are some li-ion golf cart batteries which can last for only 2years before requiring replacement. On the other hand, there are batteries that can last for up to 5years before getting replaced. Sometimes, your battery will not last as long as possible due to its low quality. 

If you want a battery to remain healthy for years as expected, it is important to ensure it is of very high quality. This is the only way it can give you good value for money in the long run. It is true that li-ion golf cart batteries are very durable and reliable. However, this does not apply to all of them. It is the reason why you have to exercise utmost caution. 

Key notes to always remember here are:

• Do not use a low quality 48v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery

• Ensure you have made all the research about the battery to be used

• If you are not sure of a battery quality and features, there is no need purchasing it

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Without your 48v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery working as expected, it will be very difficult to experience its benefits. The ideas and techniques being shared above are powerful tips to enable the health of your battery preserved as long as possible. They are simple steps that anyone can take to protect a li-ion golf cart battery from getting damaged before its stipulated time according to manufacturers/producers.

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