How Can I Make My Custom LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Last Longer?

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How Can I Make My Custom LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Last Longer?

You can use your 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery for much longer than you can imagine. If you have used yours for quite some time, know that you can use it for a much longer period. As long as you follow the rules, you should not have any trouble with using your golf cart lithium ion batteries for as long as you wish. 

So what are these golden rules that one ought to observe for their lifepo4 golf cart batteries to serve them for as long as they want? Please do not break your head over it. These rules are simple and straightforward. Anyone who has a passion to optimize their lithium ion batteries should not find them difficult to implement. Let us get on with the whole thing. 

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Avoid complete discharge

There have been several misconceptions about how rechargeable batteries should be used. Some of these myths are nothing short of being highly misleading. Those who have stuck with these myths have only succeeded in sending their 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries to an early grave. So if you intend to hang on to unfounded information like what is common out there, you would end up the same way like them. 

One of these myths has to do with deliberately allowing your lithium ion batteries to drain completely before charging it. You have no idea how misleading this one information has been. Perhaps, that has worked for some other battery models. It is not a way to enhance a battery performance in the lithium world. 

If it were possible, let us make sure our 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery stays between 20 and 80% at all times. That way, your lithium battery will not be losing the essential components that make it one of the best. 

Timely charging

When do you prefer to charge your lithium batteries? That is an important question because it has a lot do with the efficiency of your battery. Deep charging is one thing that has trended with most inefficient battery products. And unfortunately, many people want to do the same for lifepo4 golf cart batteries. That will only cut the battery lifespan shorter than the necessary. 

Like what we established in the previous paragraph, you must not wait for your 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery to run down completely before you charge it. The best way to keep your lithium ion battery in top shape is by charging it as many times as possible. Does that sound absurd? Yes, it should because you have heard contrary things in the past. Never allow your battery to drain itself out because you intend to deep charge. Your 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery lifespan will only be sustained when you charge it accordingly.

Avoid over-charging

You have learned from this post that you need to charge your 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery as many times as possible because that is what it needs to perform optimally. But is that the same as saying you should over-charge it? The answer is a resounding No! They are two different things entirely. 

Over-charging has to do with continued charging even when your battery has charged to the highest level. That is what over-charging entails, and you should do everything to ensure it does not happen. The act of over-charging kills your lithium ion golf cart battery pack faster than you can think. When you keep charging your battery for longer than necessary, you automatically reduce the battery efficacy and capacity. That means that with time, your battery will be unable to serve you at its optimal level. Try ensuring your battery does not charge beyond 80%. Or remove it from charging as soon as it assumes 100%. That way, your battery life will be prolonged and remain at the highest capacity.

No to extreme temperatures

If you want your lifepo4 golf cart batteries to last you for a longer period of time, you should not leave anything to chance. You must make sure all loose ends are taken care of. And one of such essentials is the temperature you expose the battery to. Some golfers do not see anything wrong with this, yet they complain about how their batteries do not last the test of time. Well, you no longer to need to ask any questions. You just found out!

Exposure to extreme temperatures have a special way of wearing your lithium ion batteries out. They make the battery look less potent and active. When you keep exposing your battery to such situations, it is only going to take some time before the battery will finally give in. Therefore, if you want your battery to be in top shape all the time, you need to be weary of exposing it to extreme weather temperatures. That includes both hot and cold temperatures. 

No real maintenance 

There are so many reason why 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries are a better choice. It is easier to use and manage them because they require almost zero maintenance to function at an optimal level. There is no routine maintenance for making sure your battery works well. The best maintenance you can do for your lithium ion golf battery is to ensure you observe the instructions that have been meted out here. So need to bother yourself with how you are going to undertake maintenance. It is unnecessary.

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The line separating a well-used lithium ion golf cart battery pack and the one that is not properly maintained is very thin. If you are not told or aware, you could be doing something that will damage your batteries and you would think you are helping it. That is why it is expedient you get used to these rules. A lot has been said in this write up regarding how you can extend your battery life. From avoiding over-charging to no deep charging cycles, and to how you should avoid extreme temperatures, a lot has been said in this regard.

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