How Do I Know If My 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Is Original?

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How Do I Know If My 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Is Original?

The growing success of lithium ion batteries is not something anybody would want to turn a blind eye to. As such, there has been an increase in the number of consumers ordering for the product in recent times. 

Unfortunately, there happen to be some misguided elements who are thinking of taking advantage of this success to sell something fake to the unsuspecting public. Hence, I will not be surprised if your main purpose of coming to this platform is just to know – if your 48v 400ah lithium ion golf cart battery is the real deal. Interestingly, you would find some vital information regarding the subject as you keep reading. 

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Check the label properly

It is okay for you to be excited when you are buying something as cool as a lithium ion battery. I mean, it is the greatest battery for now, and deservedly so. As a result, you are glowing with all that happiness when you are about to buy yourself one. But wait?

Have you checked the label to make sure you are actually buying a lithium ion battery? While this might sound like a crazy idea to some people, you need to understand that frauds are taking undue advantage of this battery. 

What are you looking for? You can check for spellings, or anything that might seem out of place for a regular lithium ion battery. I have seen people who ended up buying something entirely different all in the name of lithium. So there is a need for you to be highly observant when you are purchasing yours. 

Performance level

If you had already bought the 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery, and taken it home you can confirm the authenticity of your battery by observing how it works. Lithium ion golf cart batteries are known for their high level of performance. 

You can charge them for a short period, and that should be enough to serve you for a long period of time. This is one remarkable quality that has help to announce these batteries in all the industries. That is why they did not only end up as a befitting choice in the space industry. But they have now become the best choice for most consumer electronics. Also, liked for EVs and as backup power for solar power systems. Anything other than this level of performance could be an evidence of a battery that is fake. 

Examine your battery weight

Let me guess – you already know this? If yes, then great! Otherwise, you need to pay attention to what I am about to tell you. 

This one should be very easy for you to figure out. The weight difference between a lithium ion battery and most other batteries is very evident. It is so obvious that you can never get it wrong. They are practically lighter than their counterpart. The 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery are no exception to this whole rule. 

So when a battery is heavier than you suspect, it is most likely not a lithium ion battery. That was not difficult to figure out, I guess. 

An alarming discharge rate

Lithium ion batteries were not the first set of battery that could be recharged and reused so many times. But they definitely became a leading name because the battery could hold power for a long time. They had a fairly reasonable discharge rate. That means that after charging them, you can use them for many hours uninterrupted even if power is not restored. 

This was not an easy feat. It was something that had eluded the other battery products before the start of the lithium era. So one good, reliable way to score your 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery as being original or not is by taking special note on how much time it takes before it discharges completely. You can also use this to test for originality in other lithium ion battery models. 

Check the materials

A solid lithium ion battery could mean so many things. One of such is the materials that are used for making it. From the electrode poles to the separator to the nature of the electrolyte, there are specific items that are used to manufacture these things. 

For instance, Sony lithium ion batteries normally come with an anode made of coal. If you do not have this information, you may end up buying something different thinking that you have bought what you are looking for. 

Some other products could have their different materials, so you need to check them out before you buy. It is as simple as that. Examine the material as much as possible before you play along. 

Zero maintenance 

Another thing that made lithium ion golf cart batteries rise to sudden fame is the fact that they do not require any form of maintenance. You can use them for as long as you want, and you will not bother about maintaining them. Maintenance is a serious issue for some other battery products. 

You can consider your 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery as original if you use it often and you have never thought of calling in someone to have a look at it. If your battery is going to require some form of maintenance, then it is not the original lithium battery. That is as candid as it can be. 

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When a product starts to succeed above the others in the market, you start seeing imitations of that same product. So it should not be strange with a 48v 400ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery. Some guy will always want to screw you over if you are not watching. Therefore, it is a good thing that you have read this piece and armed yourself with the necessary info. Feel free to run through the pointers again if you ever feel confused on how to verify the originality of your lithium ion battery. Watch well, and you will never fall victim of fake lithium ion batteries!

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