How Do You Store 24V 50AH Or 100AH Custom Made Lithium Ion Batteries Packs When Not In Use?

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How Do You Store 24V 50AH Or 100AH Custom Made Lithium Ion Batteries Packs When Not In Use?

Lithium ion batteries are magnificent when they are given the appropriate maintenance. While this may not be the heavy duty type of maintenance, it sure requires the right kind of care. There are a few things you should know as per how to effectively use a 24V 100AH battery. 

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Fortunately, this article will be walking you through a couple of facts you should know about this set of lithium ion battery. This is basically about how you can store 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries anytime they are not in use. 

The best storage 

You possibly may have heard so many things regarding how lithium ion batteries can be stored for optimal capacity but you are not sure what to follow. If you feel that way, then count yourself lucky for showing up here. That is because you will be learning basically everything you need to know regarding the subject. 

Here are some straightforward guidelines you can follow to get your lithium ion battery in a good shape;

Good storage area – this is where we need to begin our quest from. You cannot store your lithium ion batteries in a place that looks out of order and expect the battery to last the test of time. Alkaline as well as primary lithium ion batteries are likely to stay up to a period of 10 years with a loss capacity at a moderate level.

Do not store your battery with the equipment when not in use. Take it out and keep in somewhere dry and cool. That way, it will not be wearing itself out and probably stain the equipment with its electrolyte. 

Do everything you can to prevent any freezing conditions. All batteries do have a fast discharge rate whenever they are left exposed to freezing temperatures. 

Store your batteries in a state where they are already charged. The standard is to store them at 40% charged. If you leave the battery unused at zero percent, it may cause the battery more problems anytime you choose to use it again. That way, the battery will not go down below 2.5V per cell. 

If your 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries read below 2V after a week of storage, it is an indication that you should do away with it. Also, if the voltage equally fails to come around after much charging, you need to get rid of it. 

You can also desist from storing new and old batteries in the same place. Although we may not have concrete proofs to discourage that, experts say it is not recommended. 

Whenever you notice your battery having that warm feeling, try to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

Lithium ion batteries are originally designed to withstand many conditions and last for a while. You do not need to have a degree in science before you can save your battery life. Just take all these precautions into considerations and that would be all. 

Can lithium ion batteries get bad when not in use?

In life you might wish one thing and get another. Many people prefer to use their 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries anyhow and think they will get away with it. There are guidelines you should observe when using such batteries. As against all what you might have heard, lithium ion batteries are not to be left in their discharged stated. 

Anything you want to do, ensure your lithium ion batteries are not left in their discharged state. Battery wellness depends on the voltage value. When the voltage lowers to a particular level, unwanted chemical reactions will be the next to follow. The battery will automatically degrade. If 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries are not discharged before you store them, they will last a long while and also be fine anytime you need them. So before you keep your battery in solitary place, ensure it is not empty. 

How do you confirm the state of your lithium ion battery?

If you have kept your lithium ion battery for a long time, you cannot just jump on it with the hopes that it will serve you as usual. You may have a heart attack. Lithium ion batteries are sensitive so you need to know their new state after keeping them for a while. So if it is possible, employ simple measures to check your battery voltage. 

The simplest way to know how good your battery is by testing it with a voltmeter or multi-meter. If the voltage of the lithium ion battery is reading below 3.4V, then you have got some real work on your hands. It is dead. It will need some super charging abilities to bring it back to speed. Use a BMS to get this done or implement a charge adapter. 

Is it safe to drain a lithium ion battery?

I am guessing you already know the answer, but I am going to pretend you do not. Draining out your 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries is not an option here. Mind you this technique is highly appreciated in other battery models. 

But not in the lithium ion battery world. It is a no-no! Deep cycles charging are unnecessary for this set of battery. Your battery will do fine without so avoid it. Go that way, and you will be sending your battery to a quick death. Partial cycle charging is what your battery needs. Not otherwise. 

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You can use your 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries for a long time if you know what to do regarding how they are stored. Some people do not know about these secrets, yet they want their batteries to last. That will be a bit difficult, but knowledge is power. Without the information, you are helpless. Learn not to keep your battery in a moist place or somewhere it will be exposed to freezing temperatures. If you do that, you should be ready to face the consequences.

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