How Much Is A 12v 400ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack?

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How Much Is A 12v 400ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack?

12v 400ah lithium ion batteries used in golf carts are the talk of the town. This is because of the benefits they offer users like high level of durability, high power storage capacity, efficiency, and many other advantages. The fact is that amongst the other li-ion batteries that are used in golf carts, they are amongst the best and most sophisticated. For instance, you cannot compare a 100ah battery with 12v 400ah battery used in golf carts. The latter has always proven to be better in various ways. The former (100ah battery) is also good though. 

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Here is the problem

Despite all the benefits of a 12v 400ah li-ion battery that is used in golf carts, it has been revealed that most people do not understand some aspects about it. For instance, there have been lots of arguments amongst users about its cost in recent times. As simple as this subject may sound, it can deprive you of getting a very good 12v 400ah lithium ion battery for your golf cart today.    

You do not have to be worried about what the cost of such battery is. This is because checking out the content of this post means you are very much covered. The write-up below will be explaining everything you need to know about the cost of a 12v 400ah lithium golf cart battery

How much is a 12v 400ah lithium ion golf cart battery? 

Generally speaking, the cost of a 12v 12v 400ah golf cart battery can range from $1200 - $1700. It should be noted that a 12v 400ah lithium ion golf cart battery is cheaper as compared to 12v 400ah LiFePO4 batteries for golf cart. The latter is an option that commands higher price in the market due to its expensive components. At this point, you may want to consider the option of purchasing another battery due to such high price. The truth is that these batteries are worth their price. It is all about looking at the bigger picture to make the right decision. For instance, they are reliable and durable. 

A 12v 400ah li-ion battery used in golf carts is better as compared to 50ah, 100ah, 200ah and others. This is because of its power storage capacity. While the other batteries listed above can last for few hours before recharge is required, it ensures that your golf cart is powered for a longer period of time before any attempt to recharge will be made. 

Key points to note

• 12v 400ah lithium ion batteries prices can range from $1,200 to $1,200

• 12v 400ah LiFePO4 batteries are costlier

• 12v 400ah li-ion batteries are expensive because of their higher power storage capacities when compared to others like 200ah, 100ah and 50ah

Are the prices of 12v 400ah lithium batteries for golf carts fixed? 

This is one of those questions that have been bothering lots of potential users of 12v 400ah li-ion golf cart batteries. With regards to the price of such battery, what has been mentioned above is only an assumption. In other words, there are scenarios you may get it cheaper or even more expensive. 

There are several factors that influence battery prices. This section will be addressing some of such factors. Understanding them will help you make a much better decision. 


The first one that you have to note when trying to understand the prices that 12v 400ah li-ion golf cart batteries are being sold in the market is brand. Of course, there are different companies producing these batteries. Some of these brands are affordable while others are expensive. If you fail to understand this fact, it becomes easier to fall for the false claims of desperate sellers. You can even find OEM batteries since they are cheaper and can meet your needs when used properly. 

How to find batteries based on brands

• Search online and find out user reviews 

• Ask sellers questions about the brands available

• Try to find out the difference between each brand of 12v 400ah li-ion batteries   

Battery condition

It does not make any sense trying to purchase a 12v 400ah lithium ion battery for your golf cart without considering its condition. This simply means the state of such battery before leaving the store. There are brand new batteries which are quite more expensive. On the other side, there are used or refurbished li-ion batteries for golf carts which are cheaper. Although the latter will save you some money, it will not last as long as the former. There are used 12v 400ah li-ion batteries you can purchase for $500 - $600.  

How to determine the condition of the battery 

• Ensure to read product specification 

• Ask the seller sensitive questions about the condition of the battery 

• Compare battery with its price to know whether it has been overvalued or undervalued


Just as brands are different as explained above, that is how stores/sellers tend to differ. For example, there are sellers who offer seasonal discounts for 12v 400ah li-ion batteries. These could be 5%, 10% or even higher discounts to get the attention of potential buyers like you. Just be careful when trying to take advantage of these discounts since most of the batteries may not be of high quality. 

On the other hand, there are sellers that sell their 12v 400ah batteries for golf carts at very high price. It is possible some of them are getting from manufacturers who are selling at high price too. This makes it expensive for you to purchase. 

How to take advantage of seller discounts

• Always contact a seller before making any purchase to know more  out about discounts 

• Watch out for special seasons and holiday periods

• Search for various sellers to have more options you can choose from 

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Based on the above, you can see that although 12v 400ah lithium ion batteries used in golf carts are expensive, there are lots of variables which usually come into play. These are used in determining their overall prices which end-users like you can purchase them.

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