How to find the best china custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturer and supplier

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How to find the best china custom lithium ion  battery pack manufacturer and supplier

For a long time, nickel-cadmium has been the most suitable option to be used in portable equipment. This included mobile computing to wireless communications. Lithium ion batteries and nickel hydride were introduced in the 90s, and the greatest thing has been the acceptance of customers. Lithium-ion is still growing fast, and it is the most promising chemistry currently. 

Work on lithium batteries started in 1912, and in the 70s, the first batteries were made available commercially. Lithium happens to be a light metal, and its electrochemical potential is rather great.

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The reason why lithium-ion phosphate battery manufacturers failed during the first attempts was because of safety issues. Lithium metal is inherently unstable, especially when it comes to charging. This is why the use of ions was initiated. The energy density of lithium-ion is much lower compared to lithium metal, but it is safer. However, some precautions have to be met during charging or discharging. It is only in 1991 that sonny commercialized the very first Li-ion battery followed by others. 

 Compared to nickel-cadmium, the energy density of the Li-ion battery is double. There is a great potential for achieving even larger. Load characteristics happen to be good, and they behave just like nickel cadmium when you think of discharge. A high voltage allows the use of pack designs. Most of the phones in use today use a single cell. If a nickel pack were to be used, then 3 cells of 1.2-volts would be needed to reach 3.6 volts. 

Grinding the right Chinese lithium battery manufacturer is important as it helps ensure that the battery is created in accordance with the specifications and avoids issues in the end. The right technology has to be used to make sure that things are done the right way. 

Li-ion is a battery which needs very low maintenance and it is one of its greatest advantages. This is one thing that many others chemistries cannot match. One needs no memory cycling to ensure the battery is prolonged. 

Compared to nickel-cadmium, the self-discharge is far less. This is what makes the battery a great choice for application in fuel gauge. Disposing of these cells does not cause much harm to the environment either. 

The many advantages associated with lithium-ion batteries add to its popularity. However, it has drawbacks as well. It is these drawbacks that make it so important to pick the right manufacturer and supplier. A good manufacturer should understand the drawbacks and be in a position to create safe batteries inducing protection circuits. The battery is rather fragile, and it needs to be projected to ensure it operates safely. This means a protection circuit needs to be added to the circuit, limiting the voltage of every cell when charging. This prevents the voltage from falling too low. 

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