Improve performance of your golf cart with a lithium ion deep cycle battery pack

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Improve performance of your golf cart with a lithium ion deep cycle battery pack

Ask any golfer and he would tell you, that the few hours of joy and peace that he finds on the golf field is what he looks forward to the entire week. At such times, the last thing he wants is his golf cart refusing to pick pace or slowing down in an uphill climb. If you are a golfer facing issues like this with an alarming regularity, it is time to ditch the lead acid battery in your golf caddy and opt for the lithium ion battery pack

Here are the most compelling reasons why a modern lithium-ion battery pack such as 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery and 36V Lithium golf cart battery is an ideal choice for your golf cart. 

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Enhanced performance 

To be able to play the few hours of undisturbed golf, a battery pack that performs at its optimum in a golf cart is a must. However, most lead acid powered battery packs slow down or refuse to accelerate even on plain grounds, let alone an uphill climb when the charge is down by 70-80%. This makes the golf cart appallingly inefficient. This is even when the caddy has about 20-30% of charge left. This serves as a major impediment in the game. 

A lithium-ion battery on the other hand not only gives full performance even at a low charge of 20% or below, but they also discharge at a much slower rate as compared to lead acid batteries. Further, lithium-ion batteries being at least three times lighter than a lead acid battery, the range of the battery increases manifold thus increasing capacity and speed. 

Golf course managers often notice the difference after making a switch from a lead acid to a lithium-ion battery. A golf cart straining to reach the speed of 24-25 mph, easily clock 31-32 mph when powered by lithium-ion. It is thus an established fact that lithium-ion battery packs are far more efficient for golf carts as compared to their lead acid counterparts.

Low long-term cost 

One of the major reasons why lead acid batteries still dominate on the golf course is because of its low cost. While it is true that modern lithium-ion batteries such as 48v 100ah lifepo4 battery for golf carts cost more upfront, their survival rate is up to 5000 charge cycles with a full discharge each time while lead acid batteries can merely clock 500-1000 cycles. 

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Further, lithium-ion batteries charge much faster, going up to 80 per cent in merely one hour. A lithium ion powered cart can be fully charged in 2.5 to 3 hours. Thus, not only do they survive longer, the end up saving energy cost, potential repair and maintenance cost and often exceed the operational lifespan of the caddy. This is as compared to lead acid batteries that need to be replaced every three to four years. 

Thus, it is abundantly clear, that opting for a lithium ion battery is a better choice if you are looking to play golf at peace, with a golf cart that performs to its maximum potential.

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