Is 72v 100ah LiFePO4 The Same As Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery?

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Is 72v 100ah LiFePO4 The Same As Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery?

There is a lot of buzz about LifePO4 and lithium ion golf cart batteries at the moment. Most people cannot stop talking about how these batteries have been reliable and trusted with regards to efficiency. There are those who believe that these batteries are more powerful as compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. The truth is that 72v 100ah LifePO4 and lithium ion batteries have completely revolutionalized how golf carts tend to function. They can hold power for long and tend to require zero level of maintenance in order to remain in the best of shape. 

The problem is that despite how popular these batteries have been in recent years, there are people who do not understand much about them. For instance, it has been discovered that most people assume they are the same in terms of features and functionalities which is very wrong. LifePO4 and lithium ion golf cart batteries are different in lots of regards. 

Are you wondering which areas they tend to be different? Do you know that lack of such knowledge can prevent you from knowing the right battery option to make use of? This post will be revealing the differences and similarities which exist between 72v 100ah LifePO4 and lithium ion golf cart batteries. The aim is not to tell you that anyone is better amongst the two options. Instead, it is help you make a better buying decision about which one of them can actually meet your needs. 

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What is lifepo4 battery?

One of the major reasons why these batteries are very popular is that they have been built to be safe. With them, there is hardly any issue of fire outbreak or explosion. It is a form of lithium ion battery though despite having some different features. This is why it is regarded as lithium iron phosphate battery. Most people refer to them as one of the best batteries in the market due to the materials that have been used in their design and production. For instance, they are known to include cathode. Also, they can be recharged just like normal lithium ion golf cart batteries. 

What lithium ion battery?

Just as said above, LiFePO4 batteries belong to the lithium family. A lithium ion battery contains secondary cells. It is quite different from normal lithium battery which comes with only primary cells thereby preventing it from carrying out rechargeable functionalities. Lithium ion golf cart batteries can be charged just like LiFePO4 batteries. However, where their major difference lies is that LiFePO4 batteries seem to be more superior once compared to lithium ion batteries. For instance, their thermal as well as chemical stability is better as compared those of li-ion golf cart batteries. 

Here are more areas where they are different

The truth is that lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 batteries) are slightly different from li-ion batteries. This is mostly evident on the areas of functionalities as they seem much better. In fact, lithium iron phosphate batteries are being considered to be an upgraded version of li-ion golf cart batteries. This does not mean the latter batteries are bad though. Below are some areas to highlight their differences. 


Do you know that these batteries do not have the same weight? They are very much different in such regards. This is why you have to consider your needs before pulling out credit card to buy any of them. For instance, LifePO4 batteries are lighter as compared to li-ion batteries. They can be easily carried from one place to another. It should be noted that lithium ion batteries are also very light. For instance, they are much better option as compared to the normal lead-acid batteries. 

A lithium iron phosphate battery is always available in smaller weight as well as size. The best part is that its efficiency is not compromised in any way. 


Lithium ion batteries are great when it comes to how golf carts can work. However, they have been known to have safety issues over the years. Although they can be safe to make use of, such a process needs protection circuit. Anything that goes wrong, the battery can be easily affected. 

Such is not the same with LifFePO4 batteries which have been designed to be highly safe. The cells used in their production ensure they are very reliable in lots of regards. This translates to high level of safety as well as reliability when compared to lithium ion golf cart batteries


Lithium ion batteries have always been known to last very long. For instance, there are some that come with 3000 cycles. This makes them last for years without their storage capacities dropping. Lithium iron phosphate batteries on the other hand, are quite different. This is because they can last much longer as compared to li-ion batteries mentioned above. 

Also, their charging rates are much faster with very low discharge rates in return as compared to lithium ion golf cart batteries. This can only translate to long lifespan. 

They areas of similarities 

One of the major areas where lithium iron phosphate batteries have proven to be very much similar to li-ion batteries is their required maintenance. Both tend to be different once compared to traditional lead acid batteries. This is because no maintenance is required to keep them in good shape. 

The only thing required is to ensure that their physical properties are protected since any damage can affect their overall performance. Apart from that a lithium iron phosphate battery or li-ion battery does not require water like lead-acid batteries. They can work for 3-5years without any kind of maintenance being carried out. This means less stress on your part since you will not have to rack your brains about ensuring components are in good condition.    

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Based on the above, it is obvious that a 72v 100ah LiFePO4 and lithium ion golf cart battery are quite different. The good part is that both options are reliable when used in golf carts. Therefore, you should not bother too much about which option is good or bad. They can both meet your needs.

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