Is A 48v 200ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Water Resistant?

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Is A 48v 200ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Water Resistant?

The manufacturers of lithium ion batteries have definitely got the attention of the whole world due to their outstanding qualities. If you have been in the rechargeable battery industry before lithium batteries were introduced, you will be forgiven if you thought of them as a blessing to mankind. 

But beyond all these good benefits that come with lithium ion batteries, there are still certain questions that are left unanswered. One of them is how water-resistant are they? I do not know your views regarding the above question. We will be doing some digging in this article concerning what you should know about 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery and their water resistant nature. 

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Are they resistant as claimed?

Perhaps, one feature that has aided the popularity of 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery is how it has behaved with water. For many other battery models, you dare not bring water close to it unless you do not have any need for such battery again. Back then, things were like that because the battery chemistry always involved some form of liquid as the electrolyte. 

As the world used those batteries, the lithium battery manufacturers were doing their research underground. And they finally came up with what we are having today. It is a solid electrolyte. The electrolyte is practically impermeable to water. So to some level, it will be correct to say that the battery has some kind of resistance to water. 

How to use your battery around water?

Having established that the electrolyte of a 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery cannot be accessed by water no matter what, is that a license for us to deep our batteries inside water? Or do we have to be careless about how we use them? 

Yes, to some extent, lithium ion golf cart batteries are resistant to water. However, you must understand that that is for the electrolyte. It is just for one component of the battery. So what happens to the other components when water comes in contact with the battery? 

You would be exposing your battery to so many risks when it has to come in contact with water. It is expected that you apply extreme care if you ever find yourself in such situations. That is because the moment water touches some other parts of the battery, it is as good as dead. In that instance, the electrolyte might still be good but the battery will not be of much good to you, since it has been badly compromised. 

How water damages the battery?

When you allow your lithium ion battery to be fully or partially flooded for longer periods, some form of chemical reaction begins to take place. This reaction could be in the form of corrosion or something else. But what you should know is that it will ruin the important components of the battery. 

Due to how a 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery operates, it is designed with safety components to ensure it does not cause any harm in the course of usage. In fact, that is what makes it lithium battery. They are safe to use. But when water comes close to the battery and begins to make contact with other components, certain things are at stake. 

Your biggest concern should be the protective circuitry of the battery. It damages that safety setup, and you can trust a lot of unpleasant actions to accompany the functioning of the battery. This development could result in overheating and many other unpleasant attributes. Therefore, it is best that you always guard against how you use your battery in areas that are prone to flooding or anywhere it can easily be submerged. 

What transpires when lithium combines with water?

For the sake of knowledge, understanding the chemistry that goes on between water and lithium is something that might be of help to you. Anytime lithium is brought into contact with water, a heat evolution process is what follows. It is going to birth hydrogen and lithium hydroxide. 

The lithium hydroxide is an alkaline compound and a colorless solution. But the main attraction of this reaction is the amount of heat that is given off in the process. Such reactions are known as exothermic reactions. Thankfully, the electrolyte of 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery has been tweaked so you do not have that sort of reaction. 

Any antidote for this?

We may do all the breaking down we want to, and talk all we want to, but for now, things still remain the same. There is no special device or protective suit that will allow you use your battery in water without you receiving the sad end of the wood. 

If you want to use your 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery, then stay away from water. It is as simple as that! Do not throw your battery inside water because you have been told the electrolyte is impermeable to water. That knowledge will not make any difference when the battery is dead. You just have to be extra careful about how you use yours. That is how your battery will last you for a long time. And after every encounter your battery has with water, it would be best if you could do some kind of check-up, just to ensure everywhere is dry. Dry up anywhere that is wet, so no corrosion would happen afterwards. 

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Normally, water and batteries are not the best of friends. Your battery performance can be deepened when it comes in contact with water. The 48v 200ah lithium ion golf cart battery has some level of resistance against water. But, still, you need to apply utmost caution when using it in such conditions. Researchers are still working on a completely water resistant battery. But until that happens, we have to accept the fact of what we have today. Water can destroy your battery if touches it and you do not do anything about it. Therefore, you should always have that in mind.

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