Is There A Better Battery Than 12 Volt 20ah Or 35ah Deep Cycle Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs?

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Is There A Better Battery Than 12 Volt 20ah Or 35ah Deep Cycle Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs?

Many people are switching over to 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle lithium ion batteries for their golf carts. The reason for such decision could not have been possible without the top and uncompromised benefits that such batteries are offering users. As a matter of fact, it has been predicted that in the next 5years, over 95% of golf cart companies will be opting to include lithium ion batteries in such vehicles. Whether you want to admit it or not, the truth still remains that 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle li-ion golf cart batteries will continue to make headlines for years to come. 

Are you considering to purchase a lithium ion golf cart battery but would want to know if there are other better options in the market? Do you know that the features offered by lithium ion golf cart batteries are second to none? There is absolutely no need wondering how since you have definitely come to the right place. This post will be revealing everything you need to know about a 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle lithium ion golf cart battery including whether there is any other better option.  

Of course, after checking out details like the ones below, you will be equipped with the right knowledge about what such battery can offer your golf cart once installed. Just ensure read the post from beginning to the end in order to make the right decision. 

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Is there actually a better battery than 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle lithium ion golf cart battery?

Just as said above, there is no other battery option at the moment which compares to what a lithium ion battery has got to offer. These batteries have been a sign or proof of how far modern day technology has gone in recent years. They have improved features in terms of potentials to help golf carts work or perform optimally. Below are some of the reasons why they are amongst the best. 

They are durable

Have you ever bought or used a battery that never lasted for long before getting replaced? Of course, there is no doubting the fact that you must have felt frustrated and even developed the mindset that most golf cart batteries are like that. This is not true in any way since lithium ion batteries have always proven to be a reliable option amongst other types of rechargeable batteries over the years. 

For instance, they are very durable and can stand the test of time thereby proving you with good value for money. A quality 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle battery can last for at least 5years before any form of replacement will be required. It is one of the reasons why most golf cart owners are opting for its use in recent times. They have been designed to last for a very long period of time before being replaced. 

The only thing is to ensure you are purchasing a reliable 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle battery that can last as expected since there are lots of low quality li-ion batteries in the market. It is therefore crucial that you are dealing with a reliable supplier/seller who will ensure you get the best. This is the only way to get a highly durable li-ion batteries.   

They can be recharged

Batteries with rechargeable features tend to always provide one major benefit which is ensuring that users save money on the long run which otherwise could not have been possible. Unlike traditional lithium batteries which have been built to possess primary cells, 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle lithium ion golf cart batteries have secondary cells. These are the major factors responsible for their ability to be recharged once power drains down completely. As a user, just ensure that it is not discharging completely before being recharged. This technique alone can make its lifespan to last long as expected. 

In the same vein, lithium ion golf cart batteries tend to lose their power holding capacities when fully charged. This simply implies that just as you should not allow your battery to completely discharge, ensure to avoid charging it to the fullest all the time. A decision such as this can do more harm than good to such battery. 

Overall, its rechargeable feature ensures that such battery is used over and over again before any replacement will be required in the future. It is one of the most vital features that have made li-ion batteries to be very popular amongst golf cart owners around the world. 

They are safe 

This is another top reason why there is hardly any other better battery option than li-ion golf cart batteries at the moment. A 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle li-ion battery has components that have been built to make it safe for usage. They are different from what lead-acid or lithium batteries have to offer.  For instance, there are cells and other components which seem to be responsible for regulation of voltage, temperature and even level of charge. This makes it difficult for lithium ion golf cart batteries to explode or even catch fire. 

As a matter of fact, li-ion batteries used in golf carts are very safe to make use of provided you are following the instructions of manufacturers while making use of them. There are instructions regarding how they should be stored, charged and used over the course of time. For instance, these batteries are not expected to be stored in places that are extremely hot since such can damage their lifespan and even lead to explosion. Also, they should be used in the correct golf cart since some require special connections. It is recommended that you always ask a seller questions before pulling out your credit card to purchase a 12 Volt 20ah deep cycle golf cart battery. Of course, this will ensure you are on a safe side. 

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that there is no other better battery option than lithium ion golf cart batteries. These are durable, reliable, safe and efficient. They truly represent the future given how they can help golf carts to function optimally without any complaints. You definitely need to start considering the option of using them. 

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