JB Battery Is A Top Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Manufacturer In China

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JB Battery Is A Top Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Manufacturer In China

More people are taking advantage of the golf cart market because of its versatile performance. For a very long time, the most cost effective means to generate power for electric golf cars has been the deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries. With the increase in the use of lithium batteries to power high applications, many are now looking into the advantages of adopting lithium ion batteries in their golf cart. 

JB Battery is a leading Chinese Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer that offers a wide range of quality and standard batteries. Unlike other well-known lithium battery factories, JB battery is a top China lithium ion golf cart battery manufacturer known for their reliability and high performance of its battery cells. They specialize in getting the practical solutions to challenging power situations. Lithium batteries are an alternative to the toxic batteries most well-known for golf truck batteries, you should consider purchasing lithium particle batteries from Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer since new trucks are now been fuelled with lithium batteries. JB Battery manufacturer recognizes Li-ion batteries has a practical power solution for the equipment developed in the world today. Li-ion cell provide a higher energy density per unit volume and unit weight than Ni batteries. Because our Li-ion batteries are lighter weight and they have a higher voltage, this leads to a weight reduction, downsizing, and simplified operation of electronic devices.

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Adopting a lithium ion battery in a golf cart makes it possible for the cart to increase its weight-performance ratio vastly. Our lithium batteries are half the weight of a traditional lead-acid battery and this makes it possible to get rid of two-thirds of the battery weight which a golf cart would normally operate with. Because of the lighter weight, the golf cart would be able to move at higher speeds with less effort and it would be able to carry more weight without slowing down or feeling sluggish to the occupants. The weight-performance ratio makes it possible for the lithium ion golf cart to carry extra two average sized adults and their equipment before approaching the carrying capacity. An advantage of this battery is that the cart continues to function even after its lead-acid counterpart has fallen behind pack, and this is because the lithium batteries retain the same voltage output irrespective of the battery's charge.

We have a preference for lithium batteries because they are eco-friendly and they put less strain on the environment. These batteries take a considerably less time to get charged fully and this leads to less energy utilized. We do not use hazardous materials which are toxic unlike lead-acid batteries which contain hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment.

Our lithium batteries last longer because the lithium chemistry increases the number of charge cycles. Our lithium batteries can cycle between 2,000 and 5,000 times; whereas, an average lead-acid battery can last roughly 500 to 1,000 cycles. Although, our lithium batteries have a high initial cost, compared to frequent lead-acid battery replacements, our lithium-ion golf cart battery pays for itself over its lifetime. Not only does the investment in a lithium-ion golf cart battery pay for itself over time, but you will be able to save enough money as a result of reduced energy bills, maintenance costs, and possible repairs that would otherwise need to be made to heavy lead-acid golf cars. They also have excellent performance!

As a lithium golf cart battery manufacturer, we have over ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing lithium batteries which has made us one of the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China. 

One of the significant advantage of lithium batteries is that they do not require any maintenance whatsoever, compared to lead-acid batteries that need to be regularly checked and maintained. This eventually results in saved man hours and the additional costs of maintenance tools and equipment. The absence of lead-acid means that chemical spills are avoided and the chance of downtime on your golf car is reduced drastically.

There will be a tremendous boost in the performance of golf carts for lead-acid batteries when they are swapped for lithium battery. Although, the second wind will come at an instillation cost. Most of the lead-acid golf carts require a retro-fit kit to operate the lithium battery and if the cart manufacturer has no kit, then there will be need for the cart to undergo modifications to be able to operate with a lithium battery.

But as one of the leading lithium ion golf cart battery manufacturers, this isn't going to be a concern for us as the batteries are designed to fit your golf cart. Our batteries require no tray modifications, no retrofit kits, and no complicated connections thereby making the installation of lithium batteries to be as easy as possible.

What makes Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries so great?

The battery weight of your cart is reduced by 300lbs which makes them lighter and more efficient.

The Lithium Ion Golf Cart does not require the addition of water.

You do not have to clean corrosion.

You do not have to check for acid levels.

Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries live longer than traditional golf cart batteries.

They do not lose power as the voltage dips. 

They get fully charged between 2-3 hours unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that take up to 8-10 hours.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

We are a team with excellent communication skills and we offer you the very best battery pack solutions, international sales and service.

We are a leading team of lithium ion golf cart battery manufacturers of over ten years.

We have a warranty period of 12 months and 18 months for our customers.

Our engineer director has fifteen years of BMS design in hardware and software.

We build custom batteries for almost all applications.

Our ultimate goal is customers' satisfaction with our products and services. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions on using lithium ion batteries as your primary power source.

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