Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Utility Vehicles Vs Lead Acid Battery - Which One Is Better?

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Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Utility Vehicles Vs Lead Acid Battery - Which One Is Better?

There have been series of debates amongst people on the subject of lithium ion battery for electric utility vehicles versus lead acid battery. For instance, there are those who have been in full support of li-ion batteries. On the other hand, some others are in support of lead acid batteries claiming they are much better. Trying to consider views like these means that you are likely to get confused. This is because you will not know which decision to make when planning to purchase either li-ion battery or lead acid battery.

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Are you trying to find out which battery is better between lead and lithium Ion Battery for Electric Utility Vehicles? Do you know that having sound knowledge about these two batteries can influence your buying decision to a great extent? This post will be explaining everything you should know about lithium Ion Battery for Electric Utility Vehicles versus lead acid battery. It will highlight their differences and similarities to enable you identify which one is better.

What You Need To Understand

Before delving into further details in this post, it is crucial to understand that the advent of electric vehicles has been possible through lithium-ion batteries. These vehicles are making lots of headlines due to the benefits they can offer end-users. Some of them are cleaner environment, minimal running cost, reduced noise pollution, better driving experience, zero congestion charge and many others.

The truth is that electric vehicles are an upgrade of the conventional vehicles that are known to use lead acid batteries. They may be expensive as many people have claimed. However, there is no doubting the fact that over the long run, they can help you save lots of money. Imagine the possibility of not purchasing fuel or diesel again for your utility vehicle. This is what an electric vehicle can make to become a reality.

If you do not know, majority of the top automobile brands are beginning to engage in mass production of electric vehicles. As of 2019, its global sales was reported to be around 2.1million. In 2021, the number increased to more than 6.4million. You can see that these vehicles are becoming very popular amongst members of the public. It is only a matter of time before they will take over conventional cars that are known to use lead batteries.

Which Is Better Between Li-Ion Batteries And Lead Acid Batteries?

Before delving into further details about these batteries, it is crucial that we have in-depth understanding about what they are.

A lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery which usually contains cells. Lithium ions in this case, are expected to move from negative electrodes to positive electrodes. This happens via an electrolyte. It is also possible to see them as batteries that have been built to be charged and discharged. As said above, this process happens when there is movement between anode and cathode.

This is another name for negative and positive electrodes respectively. Today, lithium-ion batteries are not just used in electronics like laptops, smartphones, and video cameras. In addition to all these, they have slowly become an integral part of the automobile industry.

A lead battery is not the same as li-ion battery explained above. They have been designed to operate in different ways. They usually contain negative electrodes that are made using porous lead. Although they seem to be losing relevance in the market today, there was a time when lead acid batteries were talk of the town. It also contains positive electrode which are made of lead oxide. Today, these batteries are also used in electric vehicles, scooters, powering of UPS systems, and many more. If you check those hybrid vehicles including motorcycles, majority of them are being powered by lead acid batteries.

Which One of Them Is Better?

Comparing lead acid batteries and li-ion batteries for electric utility vehicles, it can be said that the latter seems to have more superior features. Simply put, a lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles is much better amongst the two options.  In order to explain this section better, we are going to be looking at some areas where both tend to differ.

Their Life Cycle

The truth is that li-ion batteries have much better life cycle than lead acid battery. This tends to define the duration or lifespan of a battery. For instance, while li-ion batteries can last for up 5years with charging cycles that usually range from 1000-3000cycles, lead acid batteries do not have such strength.

Key Points To Note

• Some lithium-ion batteries can last for over 10years

• A lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles is more rugged than lead acid batteries

• Lithium ion batteries can withstand lots of harsh conditions unlike lead acid batteries

• There are lithium ion batteries which have up to 5000cycles

Discharge Depth

This is another area where both lead acid and lithium ion batteries used in electric utility vehicles seem to be very different. The recommended discharge depth for lead acid batteries is 50%. Anything more than this can reduce its lifespan. Instead, it is recommended to find a way of recharging such battery before usage.

However, lithium-ion batteries have a discharge depth of up to 80%. This simply implies that they tend to have more capacity as compared to lead acid batteries.

Key Points

• Li-ion batteries have higher discharge depth than lead acid batteries

• Li-ion batteries can be used up to 80% or even more before you can recharge them


It has been discovered that a lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles is more efficient as compared to lead acid batteries. It tends to serve more purposes. This is why they are being used in various electronic devices today apart from utility vehicles.

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Based on the details explained above, there is every reason to believe that you have seen why li-ion batteries have been labeled “the future” by experts. They have lots of benefits that conventional lead acid and other batteries lack.For more about lithium ion battery for electric utility vehicle,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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