Should 36v 50ah or 100ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Battery Packs Be Fully Discharged Before Charging?

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Should 36v 50ah or 100ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Battery Packs Be Fully Discharged Before Charging?

When it comes to 36v 100ah lithium ion batteries and what they can offer their users, most people cannot deny the fact that they have been wonderful. This is with regards to their features and functionalities. For instance, they are very effective when it comes to making golf carts and most vehicles work very well as expected. 

Apart from that, they are very durable and can stand the test of time. This is probably one of the best technological innovations that have ever been discovered in recent times. You just cannot get it wrong with the advent of li-ion golf cart batteries. 

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Here is the major problem

Despite the fact that these batteries have been making lots of headlines across various categories of golf cart users, there seem to be some form of controversies when it comes to their subject of charging and discharging procedures. For instance, there are people who believe that allowing the batteries to be fully charged before charging them is the best decision. However, there others who are of the opinion that allowing such batteries to discharge up to certain level or percentage before they can be discharged is the best. 

In case you do not know, a topic as simple as this has managed to generate lots of arguments over the years amongst experts and users of 36v 100ah Lithium Ion Batteries. This has only succeeded in reducing the rate at which people make use of such batteries since they are confused about its usage procedures or protocols. 

Are you amongst any of the categories of people mentioned above? Do you have anything that seems or sounds confusing about how 36v 100ah Lithium Ion Batteries are expected to charge and discharge? There is no need looking any further since you can get all the ideal answers from the details of this post. The details of this post will be discussing on such batteries today. There is no doubting the fact that after reading the details below, you are going to find out the right way of using a lithium ion golf cart battery. There will no long be any guesswork. 

Is it better to discharge before charging li-ion batteries again? Find out

It is true that lithium batteries come with charging and discharge cycles therefore, caution needs to be applied while trying to make them undergo any of such processes. However, you have to understand that allowing them to discharge completely before charging is dangerous to their lifespan. For instance, a lithium ion battery which discharges completely before made to undergo charging process will not stand the test of time. Its lifespan will be shortened by such practice to a large extent. 

There are lots of technicalities involved when it comes to li-ion batteries discharging and getting recharged. However, one thing will always standout. This is the fact that allowing them to fully discharge lessen their power storage ability. In other words, you cannot compare the power storage ability of an li-ion battery which always discharges completely before charging to that which does not discharge completely before the owner decides to have it charged. 

The bottom line here is that it is not a good practice to allow 36v 100ah lithium ion batteries discharge fully before being made to undergo the process of charging. It is one way of the easiest ways to compromise its durability without knowing. When your battery level goes down completely, there is always a high probability of chemical reaction taking place. 

More facts on lithium ion batteries 

Lithium ion batteries are special in lots of regards. This also include how they tend to discharge and recharge. For instance, they do not have any charge or power memory. This means most of the time, it is quite difficult to know the level to which they have discharged or been charged. This means that you can fall victim when it comes to not charging them as required.

Do you want to know the best time of having these batteries charged? Such is always when they have discharged partially. A state of partial discharge can be said to have occurred when the battery does not discharge completely. It is an instance when the battery still has some percentage or voltage left which can help your golf cart function. 

This is always the right to have the battery charged. A practice such as this has one major benefit which is ensuring that the battery lasts for as long as possible. This can also help the battery cells from being damaged. It means they will last as expected. One thing that most people are yet to understand about lithium ion golf cart batteries is the fact that they can only last as expected when manufacturer instructions are followed without any compromise. One of such instructions entails not allowing it to discharge completely. There should always be some percentage of voltage before it should be charged again. 

Charging tips for li-ion golf cart batteries

Below are some of the charging tips for golf cart batteries.

Avoid full charging 

Just as said above about allowing li-ion golf cart batteries to discharge partially, it is also right that you strike balance in the charging aspect too. In other words, do not charge them fully at all times. This will help to preserve such battery beyond your expectation. It is one of the top secrets that most golf cart owners do not know till this day. 

Charging at cool temperature 

The more you tend to charge a li-ion golf cart battery in heated places, that is how their lifespan will be affected. It is better to do such exercise in places that are cool. With this, it will not have any negative effect on the li-ion battery.  

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Based on the above details, it is clear that allowing lithium batteries to reach zero percentage before a charge process is initiated is only recipe to shorten their lifespan. A situation such as this will make them to under deliver which is not good enough.

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