Should I Charge My 48v 100ah Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs All The Time?

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Should I Charge My 48v 100ah Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs All The Time?

There have been lots of arguments over the years about how to charge 48v 100ah lithium ion batteries regularly. As simple as this subject matter may seem like to you, it can determine whether your battery will last long as expected or not. This is because lacking the right awareness can make you not to charge it properly which can affect its overall lifespan and performance. For instance, most people do not know whether to charge 48v 100ah lithium ion batteries constantly or not. Their approaches are based on complete guesswork. 

Are you confused about how to charge a 48v 100ah lithium ion battery? Do you know that there is a right and wrong way of doing this? Most people are charging their golf cart batteries the wrong way without bothering. The problem with such practice is that there are always some long term implications. For instance, wrong charging can make you purchase another 48v 100ah lithium ion battery sooner than later. This is because such battery may lose its strength before the expected time. 

The major aim of this post is to help you understand everything about how to charge an li-ion golf cart battery. The details that will be shared below help to ensure you will do any guesswork when it comes to how to keep your golf cart lithium ion batteries in the best condition. 

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Is it right to charge a lithium ion golf cart battery regularly?

The word “regularly” here can mean lots of things. This is why there is no definite answer to this question. For instance, the answer can be yes or no. It all depends on the situation or circumstances involved. There is no answer that is entirely wrong or right that will be given with regards to whether you can charge your 48v 100ah lithium ion batteries regularly. Below is a typical example to help you understand clearly. 

Your li-ion battery has discharged fully. In this case, you need to have it charged in order to ensure your golf cart is working as expected. As a matter of fact, it has been recommended that lithium ion batteries should not be allowed to discharge below 2.5v. This has a way of killing their cells and reducing their performances over the years. Of course the end result will be to replace such battery since it will expire before the expected timeframe. In this case, it can be said that yes, it is right to charge your li-ion battery regular when it has discharged to a certain level. 

On the other hand, charging such battery regularly may not be a good idea when it is still full or maintaining a reasonable percentage. This is because you will be reducing its lifespan without knowing. Every lithium ion golf cart battery has a charging cycle. Some are about 1000 cycles while other are more than 1000 cycles. This means that trying to charge the battery when it is not due for such exercise will be counted as one cycle being completed. 

Gradually, your battery will be losing its power holding capacity as the charging cycles increase. The bottom line is ensuring your battery is charged whenever such is required. Trying to do it whenever such is not necessary will only reduce its performance level to a great extent. One way to ensure your 48v 100ah lithium ion batteries are charging whenever require is to monitor their charge/discharge levels. As simple as this may sound, it can give you a rough idea about the right time to charge such batteries for your golf cart. 

Charging tips for 48v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries

Having known whether it is right to charge your li-ion golf cart batteries, there is no doubting the fact that you are eager to add some power to yours. Below are some charging tips to ensure you are getting the best from your 48v 100ah lithium ion golf cart battery

Partial charging seems much better

It is true that lithium ion golf cart batteries can be fully charged. However, such is not the best as discovered by experts through some research studies. The reason is simple since overcharging can reduce its power over the course of time. As time goes on, the cathode material will start to lose stability thereby bring about CO2 production. It is therefore recommended that you always charge such battery partially. In other words, ensure that it is not fully charge. 

Again, it is recommended to look at the battery level when it is charging to know when such a process should be stopped. Just as it is not recommended to allow your li-ion golf cart battery to charge to its fullest, that is why it should discharge completely. There are always some long term implications. 

Charging at moderate temperature 

Most people are yet to know that lithium ion batteries perform better when the temperature is low. In other words, charging them is a process that only be very effective in places that are cool. If your golf cart is very hot, such a process can cause more problems later on. For instance, charging them under hot temperature reduces that lifespan. It is therefore recommended that the temperature should not go below 250C. 

Attempting to charge in a hot place will be at your risk since its power storage capacity will reduce. This is one of the major reasons why most lithium ion golf cart batteries do not last more than 2years before being condemned. Ensure temperature is always taken into serious consideration before charging such batteries. This is one of the easiest ways of ensuring optimum performance from 48v 100ah lithium ion batteries. 

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Based on the above, it can be seen that charging your 48v 100ah lithium ion golf cart battery on a regular basis completely depends on some circumstances. In other words, there are times when such practice is right. Also, there are periods when it is wrong to do such.

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