Some of the materials Chinese lithium ion battery pack manufacturers used to make li-ion batteries.

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Some of the materials Chinese lithium ion battery pack manufacturers used to make li-ion batteries.

The materials used to create lithium ion batteries differed a great deal. For example, there are different materials used for negative and positive electrodes. As a result, these batteries' voltage and energy density differ a great deal, especially based on the materials used. 

With Li-ion batteries, the open-circuit voltage tends to be higher than aqueous batteries like nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lead-acid. Internal resistance tends to increase with age and charging. The rising internal resistance leads to voltage drop at the terminals when there is a load, reducing the current that can be drawn. When resistance is increased, it leaves the battery in a way that it may not be able to support normal discharge currents without overheating or unacceptable voltage drop. 

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The preference for lithium-ion batteries has been improving over time. The energy capacity price of these batteries has really improved. This is because of the demand and modifications made to the battery. Today, cells come in all sizes, but the chemistry is pretty much the same and the energy density.


There has been an increase in demand for lithium-ion batteries; this is what academics and vendors are laying great focus on improving the energy density and operating temperature. Other areas where a lot of emphasis is being laid include eliminating the cobalt requirements, output power, charging time, durability, and safety. The cost of lithium batteries has also been improved greatly. 

There are materials that have been used for the production of lithium-ion cells commercially. However, more research regarding the best materials to use is still being conducted as things stand right now. 


Generally speaking, cathode materials are made of LiCoO. This is a cobalt-based material, and it can develop a pseudo structure that allows 2-dimensional lithium diffusion. Such cathodes are the best because of the high specific heat capacity, good cycling performance, high discharge voltage, low self-discharge, and high volumetric capacity. The greatest limitations include low thermal stability and the cost of the material, which is rather high. Manganese material tends to adopt a lattice system allowing 3-dimensional ion diffusion. The cathodes are attractive because the material is cheaper, and theoretically, it makes a long-lasting battery and an efficient one if limitations were to be overcome. 

Limitations include the fact that the machine can dissolved in the electrolyte when cycling is being done, leading to instability of the cathode. The most common option is cobalt-based cathodes. Research is still being done on other materials to improve the battery life and offer lower costs. 

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