Telling signs your golf cart battery packs needs replacement

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Telling signs your golf cart battery packs needs replacement

If you are a hardcore golfer driving out on your golf cart as soon as you have time to spare, you already know that your golf cart battery is the lifeline of your golf cart. Unless your battery is in ship shape your golfing experience will be marred and you will be frustrated as a slowing, stuttering cart will impact your game. But, as you are aware, golf cart batteries are not exactly the cheapest! To get the most of your cart however, it will need timely replacement. Here are three telling signs that your golf cart battery packs needs to be changed without any delay: 

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Longer charging time 

Just like any other rechargeable battery, golf cart batteries do have a shelf life. Once you see your battery is taking longer to charge than it earlier used to, say 5 to 6 hours instead of 2-3, you can count this as a sign of it slowing down.  

Movement is slower

So, your battery is on full charge, and you are all set for a great game whizzing across the golf course, but you find that it’s taking you much longer to accelerate and yet not reaching the speed that you wish to reach. If your battery is just not delivering the power that you need from it, it is time to consider replacement. 

Visual evidence

Apart from the above mentioned, look out for visual evidence in your battery such as expansion, an odd bulge here or there, visible corrosion, and worse still leaking acid if you have been using a lead acid battery. These are sure shot signs that your battery has exhausted its life and needs to be changed immediately. Leaking acid, is by far the worst as it can not only damage your cart but may cause nasty accidents. 

Make a wise replacement choice

Once you have decided to go ahead with the replacement, you already know that the cost has to be incurred. This is the time to make a prudent choice to ensure that you get your value for your money. 

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While replacing it with a lead acid battery may seem cheaper upfront, and the 48V Lithium-Ion Battery 100ah price, a quality lithium-ion battery may seem like a deterrent, it is much wiser to incur a higher-one time cost, than replacing a lead acid battery every 5 to six years. A lithium-ion battery such as 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery or 36V Lithium golf cart battery once installed, can easily last anything between 8-10 years and outlive your cart. 

If you are worried that your previous battery was a lead acid one, don’t fret! A lead acid battery is easily replaceable by a lithium-ion battery such as 48 volt lithium ion forklift battery or any other battery you dee fit for your cart. All you need to do is make some minor wiring adjustments once you have taken out the lead acid battery from your cart. 

While it is an easy DIY project, it is prudent to contact a battery expert who can not only advise you about the best fit for your cart, but also help you replace it with professional expertise. 

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