The best china custom made 36v 200ah lithium ion battery pack factory

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The best china custom made 36v 200ah  lithium ion battery pack factory

Battery power conservation is one of the things that are highly talked about, especially when it comes to lithium ion batteries. However, it is important for manufacturers to educate people on how batteries should be taken care of. There are different things that 36v lithium ion battery factories can educate us regarding battery longevity and how to maintain the same.

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The life of a battery is very important. When on the go, people carry power banks or chargers to have access regardless of where they go. It is, therefore, important you preserve charge on and preserve the battery. Whether you are using a 36v lithium ion battery or any other battery, you ought to know a few things.

Batteries at room temperature

This means a temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. It is very unfortunate to fully charge a battery only to leave it in elevated temperatures. This means that you should never leave batteries inside a car or outside when it's not in use. Heat has great negative effects and reduces the life of a li-ion battery incredibly.

Have a high-capacity battery instead of having spares

36v lithium ion battery factory can advise you that it is far better to invest in a high-capacity battery rather than having a spare with you. This is because batteries, regardless of their capacity, do deteriorate over time. This happens even if that battery is not in use. This should tell you that even a spare battery cannot last longer than you are using. Aging characteristics ought to be considered during the purchase. Always get batteries that have a most recent manufacturing date.

Avoid full discharge

Lithium ion batteries don't charge memory compared to the NiCad ones. This is to say that you don't need deep discharge cycles. It is way better for the battery to do partial discharge cycles. When you charge 30 ties, the lithium ion batteries should be allowed to almost discharge completely. The partial discharges create digital memory, which decreases the power gauge accuracy. To recalibrate the power gauge, the battery discharge should be allowed to reach the off point before recharge.

Avoid a complete discharge

36v lithium ion battery factory can tell you that discharging a battery below 2.5 volts ends up opening the safety circuit, and the battery could appear dead. In such a case, you will not be able to use the original charger. The only thing that could work is the battery analyzers that can boost function and an opportunity to recharge. You should avoid recharging lithium ion batteries if they happen to be deeply discharged, especially if they have been like that for quite some time.

Extended storage

When you have to store the 36v lithium ion battery for a long time, the battery should be discharged up to 40 percent and then stored in a cool place. If you ever used a battery that has been in storage for some time, you realize that it does not perform as well as your expect it to, especially if it was fully charged before storage. It is wise to have such a battery stored in a refrigerator, not a freezer, to keep it cool. It makes sense to have it at 40 percent as well.

These are some of the things 36v lithium ion battery factory should tell their clients.

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