The Best Top Chinese Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer Companies

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The Best Top Chinese Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer Companies

In recent times, the necessity and requirement for lithium batteries have skyrocketed with a high demand for their supply and distribution. It is primarily due to the numerous convenient features and characteristics that the batteries come with and proffer.  

With the thriving market for lithium ion batteries, several companies have come out at the top owing to their high-quality service and products. Let us discuss such businesses based in and operating within China. 

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Established in 2011, CATL or Times New Energy Technology is a company with its headquarters in Ningde in the Fujian province. The business focuses on supplying solutions and alternative methods for energy storage issues and applications. It aims to enhance the functioning and operation of the devices and machines that run on renewable and global green energies through various types of battery technologies. 

 The company manufactures lithium batteries for electric vehicles, powertrains, energy storage practices and systems, and the Battery Management System (BMS). It holds significant importance in the entire production and distribution chain of industries like battery recycling. Additionally, it undertakes large-scale projects in the energy storage industry.

Linshen Battery

A renowned lithium battery manufacturer in the municipality of Tianjin, Linshen Battery is a company committed to proffering its customers and clients with appropriate and suitable power solutions. Since its establishment and founding in 1997, it has focused on newer measures and methods for the energy storage, electronics, and electric vehicles fields. 

Serving as the primary supplier of lithium batteries for the equipment sustaining the market, the company has produced over a thousand battery models in six series. 


Spanning over the three significant industries of new energy, automobiles, and IT, BYD is one of the leading companies in the lithium battery market. The business has managed to secure a place for itself in the big names and come a long way through its outstanding products and quality services.

The lithium batteries of BYD can find application in various enterprises like electric forklifts and vehicles, LEDs, and energy storage, and solar power stations. Currently, the company leads in the manufacture of lithium iron phosphate (LIFePO4) batteries worldwide. 

AVIC Lithium Battery

AVIC Lithium Battery is a high-technology and energy-based company specializing in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, their management, and associated Research and Development. The primary uses of its products are in military and power storage applications, mining equipment, electric vehicles, and rail transit. 

The company has immense fame and influence worldwide. It has an excellent reputation among and in the foreign market and producers. 


JBBATTERY is a famous lithium battery producer renowned for its excellent customer service and product management skills. Through a thorough and detailed report of each order of their overseas deals, the company guarantees trust between itself and its clients, prioritizing it over everything else. 

JBBATTERY ensures a high quality of each of its products and offers a substantial warranty period based on the confidence behind it. Its produced batteries can get used in various appliances such as trolling motors of boats, golf carts, forklifts, electric vehicles, solar-powered systems, etc.


Founded in 2005 in Hefei city, the company Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy deals primarily in lithium batteries and specializes in their production, research and development, and operation.   

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It produces high-quality custom packages of batteries that apply to various industries and sectors. For more about the best top chinese lithium ion battery pack manufacturer companies,you can pay a visit to JB Battery at for more info.

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