The essence of waterproof 48V 150Ah lithium ion battery packs for telecom tower battery backup system

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The essence of waterproof 48V 150Ah lithium ion battery packs for telecom tower battery backup system

Humans have evolved to the point where it's almost impossible to live without phones. This has meant that telecoms firms have had to employ more reliable measures to ensure that customers never experience downtimes. Future telecoms networks are expected to be more cost-effective, smarter, and more importantly, greener. As such, Lithium-Ion Battery Packs for Telecom Tower has remained a larger part of that conversation. Lithium-ion batteries have proven to be extremely reliable in many fields of application, including the field of telecommunication.

It is only a matter of time before the world will become a breeding ground for 5G networks. Consequently, many more systems will have to rely on network to function, re-emphasizing the essence of a clean and sustainable energy source. Here is why lithium ion battery packs have become a necessity for telecom towers.

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More Cost-Effective

In times past, the only way to prevent a telecom tower from going offline is by using backup generators. The generators will have to run on diesel or any other petroleum products. It costs a lot of money to do that back then. The meant that telecoms companies had to spend a lot of money just to ensure they stay online to meet their customers' demands

In any areas where the power grid can be relied upon, you still have to turn to those generators once a while. Reliability was a problem because such generating sets can disappoint when you least expect.

In contrast, it is a lot cheaper to run a telecom tower on lithium-ion battery packs. When you are running a lithium-ion battery, you don't need to rely solely on diesel or other petroleum products. All you need is to make sure the batteries are fully charged and they will be ready to deliver anytime there is a power outage.

Cleaner Energy

The issue of green energy has never been more dominant than it is today. It has become a front-burner topic that is discussed all over the world. Greta Thunberg and millions around the world has been pushing for individuals and companies to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. To further buttress their point, humanity has seen firsthand the devastating effects of non-renewable energy.

Therefore, if there is a right time for telecoms company to make that right switch to cleaner energy sources, it has to be now. This is where Lithium-Ion Battery Packs for Telecom Tower comes in handy.

It has not only dominated the green energy conversation, but has also proven to be more reliable and cost-effective than its fossils fuel counterpart. Adapting telecoms towers to lithium-ion battery will increase service efficiency and also make them ready for the future.

More Compact

One thing is common among all technologies, and that is the fact that, they become smaller with time. This attribute has been of great advantage to telecoms towers. If you look at where telecoms towers are installed, you would discover that space is limited. There is never enough space in such environments. The big generating sets that were used to power such systems normally occupied a huge chunk of the environment. That could present a bit of challenge given the limited space.

Thankfully, lithium-ion batteries have made us say goodbye to that era. Their small, lightweight nature make them a top choice for such assignments. They can be moved around without any stress and are bound to serve with greater efficiency.

Zero Maintenance

Maintaining a generating set that is dedicated to power a telecoms tower is no mean feat. It will be costlier than when you are carrying out your routine maintenance on your car batteries because those are normally heavy-duty generators. You need high-profile, expert engineers to discharge such responsibilities. It's not a job that can be given to anyone.

But, the good part is that such requirements are fast fading away in today's telecom towers, particularly those that are fitted with lithium-ion batteries. Lithium Ion Battery Packs for Telecom Tower do not need any maintenance for them to work as expected. That is one of the many reasons these companies are adopting lithium-ion batteries for powering telecoms towers. Zero maintenance on such systems also implies that companies spend less to run their towers.

Higher Life Expectancy

Replacing a damaged component on a telecoms tower is an expensive venture. Those are expensive equipment, so it's only natural for their components to be expensive too. There is a good chance of a telecoms tower having one or two issues when they are powered with less reliable power sources. Unfortunately, that is what you get with generators. Any little thing can lead to unstable power supply.

None of that is bound to happen when a tower is being powered with lithium-ion batteries. The latest lithium-ion batteries designed for telecoms towers come with a smart battery management system. This ensures that their voltage is always kept constant, and within a safe range. When telecoms towers operate with the required power, they tend to last longer. In other words, using power sources that are liable to instability can jeopardize the longevity of the entire system. As a matter of fact, the longer the telecom tower can last, the better for the company. These are just some of the many reasons why telecoms companies have decided to adopt lithium-ion batteries for powering their towers.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries Have Come To Stay

Technology is aimed at making life easier and simpler for users. Lithium-Ion Battery Packs for Telecom Tower is the power source for today. Adapting telecoms towers to lithium-ion batteries has not only been a great innovation for the industry, but has also helped to ensure its services are lot better off. Lithium-ion batteries are inarguably a better choice for powering telecoms towers. The advantages are so numerous that they cannot be overlooked. From how cost-effective they are to how they are cleaner, telecoms companies that use lithium batteries are definitely at advantage. Lithium-ion battery is the latest tech trend for the telecoms sector.

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