Time to consider a switch to custom lithium-ion battery pack for your golf cart

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Time to consider a switch to custom lithium-ion battery pack for your golf cart

Lead acid batteries have been used in golf cart batteries and have been around for more than 150 years. While they are rather straightforward as far as manufacturing is concerned, thus justifying lower prices, there is always fear of dangerous acid spill or lead contamination in case of such batteries. 

In comparison, as lithium-ion battery manufacturers will tell you, manufacturing of lithium-ion requires various checks and balances in place such as clean rooms with total control of humidity and air contamination, purity of material, cleanliness and the likes. 

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As a result of the capital costs incurred, Lithium-Ion batteries such as 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery are more expensive as compared to their lead acid counterparts. However, as any golf cart battery expert would tell you, the price factor should not be a deterrent because a lithium-ion golf cart battery once purchased easily lasts for anything between 8 to 10 years without any maintenance. 

This is as compared to lead acid batteries that even after regular maintenance barely lasts 5 to 6 years. Here are some other benefits of lithium-ion batteries:

Lightweight and small

One of the most obvious benefits of lithium-ion batteries is that they are nearly three times smaller and four times lighter than their lead acid counterparts. This means that the same energy can be packed in a smaller space thus enabling a smaller and lighter product. A lightweight golf cart battery such as 48v 100ah lifepo4 battery for golf carts also charges faster and more efficiently and brings down energy costs as much as 10-15%

Maintenance free

Fully sealed as 36 v Lithium golf cart batteries are, there is no spillage or cleaning of acid corrosion. They are zero maintenance and are equipped to deliver thousand of cycles. Thus, in most cases, lithium-ion batteries in golf carts last as long as the vehicle itself. 

The powerhouse for all terrain

One of the major things that golfers have complained about is the lack of power, especially during a uphill climb. There’s no such problem in a golf cart powered by a lithium-ion battery. Unlike a lead acid powered golf cart, you do not have to compromise with slower speed when you are moving uphill. With lithium technology you will have all the power you need for moving up steep terrain at full power. There is therefore no stopping or slowing down when going uphill and all you can do is really concentrate on your game.

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Why a switch to lithium-ion is justified

In the world of golf, it’s the value delivered by the battery that matters. Switching to a good lithium-ion battery lowers the cost of ownership but reducing maintenance and energy costs. Since batteries such as 48-volt lithium-ion forklift battery last the life of the cart, leases of such carts have the potential of higher residual values and competitive terms of lease. 

Further, factors such as improved efficiency, lower charging time, reduced wear and tear and lower maintenance enhance overall golfing experience rather than spending time, energy, not to mention the money for the upkeep of the cart. 

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