Top Best LifePo4 Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturers In USA - Which Company Is The Largest?

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Top Best LifePo4 Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturers In USA - Which Company Is The Largest?

There are lots of large companies in the US which manufacture battery packs. These companies have proven over the years to understand what end-users of batteries actually need. Thus, they have devised different means of meeting such needs. It is one thing to purchase a battery pack in the market. However, it is entirely different to purchase something that can offer value for money. The problem is that not all battery pack manufacturers in USA are worth patronizing. This is because in most cases, many of these companies manufacture batteries that are not good enough in terms of features and functionalities.

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Are you looking for the best battery pack manufacturers in USA to patronize? Do you know that finding these companies can be very difficult? This is because you may have to search through hundreds of companies. The worst part is that you may end up not finding companies that can meet your expectations in terms of manufacturing top quality batteries.

Here Is The Solution

Do you want to know the best part about all of these? It is the fact that you have come to the right place where some of the best battery pack manufacturers in USA will be revealed. In the end, the company that produces the highest capacity annually will be revealed. Of course, the details below are going to help you make the right decisions.

Hollingsworth & Vose Co

Hollingsworth & Vose Co is a company that came into existence in 1843. Its headquarters is located in Massachusetts, USA. This company has got a global presence when it comes to producing some of the very best battery packs you can think of. The best part about this company is that it has been playing a crucial role towards ensuring a world that is sustainable. This means its batteries are cleaner and much healthier.

If there is one area where Hollingsworth & Vose Co has proven to specialize in over the years, such is producing different categories of batteries. These are:

• AGM Lead Battery

• Gel Lead Battery

• Alkaline Battery

• Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Key points to note about Hollingsworth & Vose Co

• This company has been existing for the past 165years. This means as the years are going by, it has managed to upgrade the quality of its batteries packs

• It has testing facility to ensure batteries meet industry and international standard

• It has processing capability. For instance, it has innovative technologies that work with battery separator materials

• It has a cutting-edge research facility for battery pack production

Cell-Con Inc.

There is no doubting the fact that Cel-Con is one of the most underrated battery pack manufacturers in the US right now, despite being able to cater for needs of a large audience in the battery market, it is not talked about that much amongst people. Apart from being able to manufacture battery packs that are of the highest quality, it can also produce custom battery charges. On monthly basis, cell-con Inc. manufacturers tons of battery packs and then have them released into the market. Statistics have shown that it is a reliable manufacturer of battery packs with over 3decades of experience.

Talking about battery pack manufacturers in USA that can be trusted when it comes manufacturing process that are safe and trendy, Cell-Con Inc. meets all of the requirements. Whether you are searching for battery packs with very small requirements or those which come with specifications that are complex, cell-con Inc is the right company to patronize. As a complement to the battery products that it has available, this company tends to offer contract manufacturing. Its customizable services are amongst the best when compared with different battery pack manufacturers in USA. You will definitely be impressed by what it has to offer. Its products are:

• Battery packs (custom packs, smart battery packs, and custom smart battery packs)

• Battery chargers (custom chargers and stock charges)

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is another big and reputable battery pack manufacturer in the US that is worth talking about. A proof of its size is that the company has managed to build an employee base of over 3000 workers. Since coming into existence in 1964, its products have been able to generate revenue of more than 3billion dollars. When it comes to companies that distribute electronic components to various countries around the world, it can be said that mouser electronics maintains position number 7. This is quite an impressive given that there are other bigger names within and outside the US.

Mouser Electronics is specialized in the production of different categories or battery packs like NiCd, Lithium, Lead Acid, Alkaline, and NiMH. Therefore, if you ever had need for any of these, do not doubt the capacity of this company to provide you with the best quality. Its batteries are certified and approved. This is due to how they have been produced with the best materials in the market. It is also into manufacturing of battery packs. Below are some of the reasons why Mouser Electronics is an award-winning battery pack manufacturer in USA.

• Its battery packs are tested and trusted to deliver

• They are compliant with all the necessary regulatory bodies within and outside the US

• They are highly rated by end-users

• They are safe to use

Power-Sonic Corporation

Power-sonic corporation is one of the biggest battery pack manufacturers in USA given its track record of not just producing millions of battery packs annually. These are also of very high quality and will definitely serve their purposes. It has been reported to be amongst the top 6 when compared with other companies that are in the same line of production. Some of the rechargeable batteries that it offers are NiCd, lithium iron phosphate, NiMH, sealed lead acid, and power sport.

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Based on the details above, there is every reason to believe that you have known some of the biggest battery pack manufacturers in USA. Believe it or not, the truth is that these companies keep on breaking new grounds.

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