Top five reason to choose a custom lithium ion battery pack for your golf cart

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Top five reason to choose a custom lithium ion battery pack for your golf cart

If you are an avid golfer looking to upgrade your golf cart battery you would obviously want one that improves efficiency and enhances performance for your cart. The undisputed choice then is the latest of lithium-ion batteries such as 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery or 48-volt lithium-ion forklift battery. Here are the top five reasons why we say so. 

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Reduces the weight of your cart

If you have any experience using a lead acid battery, you cannot but have noticed how the massive bulk of it, slows down even the most lightweight of vehicles. The heavier your battery, the greater the chances of it making your cart into a monstrosity dragging along, especially if the turf is damp. Comparatively, a lithium-ion battery cuts down the vehicle weight drastically, making manoeuvrability much easier. Further, uphill climb (which is a standard issue with lead acid batteries) becomes a breeze when your cart has a lithium-ion battery. 

Improves acceleration

Being lightweight (as compared to lead acid batteries) and powerful, a lithium battery improves speed and acceleration capabilities of your cart. With greater power you can course even through uneven terrain without any glitches. This improves the quality of your game greatly. 

Less vulnerable to temperature fluctuations 

When upgrading your golf cart battery, you want an all-weather battery like a lithium-ion that makes it easy for you to play your favourite game round the year. As a lead acid battery owner that may have been impossible, because, come winter and they begin to drain charge faster, thus slowing you down in the middle of your game! Lithium-ion batteries may show a slight decrease in power in extreme weather conditions, but it will still not impact the quality of your game. 

Long lasting 

When a golf battery reaches its maximum number of cycles, it begins to show signs of a breakdown. In case of a lead acid battery it can be anything from 800-1000 cycles while for lithium ion batteries it can be as many as 2000 cycles. A lithium ion golf cart battery may thus last as many as 10 years while a lead acid battery may require a replacement over five. 

Eco friendly 

By using less power and improving efficiency of your cart, you are reducing your carbon footprint thereby making your cart more efficient. Further, when you are ready to replace your battery, lithium-ion batteries can be easily recycled with much lesser strain on the environment. Hence, by choosing a lithium-ion battery, you are also making an eco-friendly choice. 

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As is evident from the above-mentioned points, a lithium-ion battery is long lasting, reduces your energy bills, saves time and money for maintenance and finally is an eco-friendly choice. Thus, it provides greater value for money over time. 

While traditionalists may still believe that lead acid batteries are cheaper, these points may be put forward in favour of lithium-ion batteries Thus, when seeking out the right battery for your golf cart, a lithium ion battery is the smartest choice you can make. 

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