Understanding 48v golf cart battery pack options

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Understanding 48v golf cart battery pack options

As a golf cart owner, you obviously want an efficient battery that will last you long, is safe and improves the performance of your golf cart. The choice when it comes to golf the choice is mostly between deep cycle lead acid batteries that flooded the markets from the late 1800s. 

Over the past few decades however, lithium-ion batteries have proved their superiority over lead acid batteries and are increasingly becoming the preferred battery of choice for gold cart owners. And with good reason. Let us delve deeper to understand why the range of golf cart batteries from lithium-ion battery manufacturers are now doing better over their lead acid counterparts. 

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No maintenance trouble 

One of the major reasons why lithium-ion batteries are popular, is because they do not need any maintenance whatsoever. Comparatively, as golf cart owners with lead batteries would vouch, lead acid batteries require regular upkeep. The failure of regular checks on lead acid batteries may lead to dangerous chemical spills, not to mention, bringing down the speed of the cart down drastically. On the other hand, quality lithium-ion batteries such as 48 volt lithium ion forklift battery or 48v 20ah lithium ion batteries are maintenance free. 

Charging speed and longevity

All golf cart batteries need to be charged. An average lead acid battery can take as much as 8-9 hours to charge up to full capacity. Lithium-ion batteries such as 36v Lithium 48v golf cart battery pack may take merely 2-3 hours. The other problem with lead acid batteries is that the cart begins to slow down as voltage begins dipping. There are no such issues with lithium-ion batteries. Even when the charge of a lithium-ion battery is down to 30 per cent, it gives full performance and speed and can easily course through any terrain. 

Battery cycle life

The other advantage of superior lithium-ion golf cart batteries like 48v 100ah lifepo4 battery for golf carts, is that they last much longer than lead acid counterparts. Thus, an average lithium-ion battery an easily last between 2000 to 5000 times whereas an average lead acid battery lasts only up to 1000 cycles at best. 

Thus, while some traditionalists may believe that the lithium-ion batteries are way too expensive, it is in fact the other way round! While lithium-ion battery may require a higher investment upfront, over time the cost is justifiable because they do not need frequent replacement unlike lead acid batteries. 

In fact, when you get a lithium-ion battery for golf carts, you are likely to save big on several things such as reduced energy bills, repair and maintenance or replacement costs. Thus, in conclusion it is no exaggeration to say that it is wiser to opt for a lithium-ion battery for your golf cart. With this battery you can be assured of improved efficiency and performance. 

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